Why Scientology opposes psychiatry
anti psychiatry references in scientology
how they spread their message
the contents of their message
concluding remarks

The contents of that message

In this section we will take a look at some of the claims made by Scientology regarding psychiatry, noting how those claims are attempts to scaremonger people against psychiatric treatments. Since the centrepiece of the CCHR campaign is their ‘Psychiatry: An Industry of Death’ exhibit we have embedded the CCHR-produced summary of that exhibit. This gives a general flavour of the character, tone and style of the exhibit and its contents.

The following scans come from the CCHR booklet ‘The Rise of Senseless Violence in Society: Psychiatry’s Role in the Creation of Crime’. We have provided these in order to illustrate the extreme nature of the anti-psychiatry message being espoused by the CCHR. It is worth bearing in mind the potential effects of such an extreme message on members of the public, and how it attempts to undermine public confidence in psychiatric treatments.

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