Why Scientology opposes psychiatry
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Selected examples of L.E.A.F. emails

Need a quick TeenScreen comment.

Click on the above link and read the short article which mentions TeenScreen.

Then scroll down to the bottom of the page and write your comments.

You can write what you want. If you need hatting go to

I do have a request though. If your last name ends in A-B, J-M or T-Z, include the TeenScreen petition link in your letter. Here's the link

And if your last name ends in C, H or S, I'd like you to also write an email to the reporter. Tell him to dig a little deeper next time, to find out the full truth about TeenScreen or something like that.

And report compliance by email.

Thank you,

Explanatory note: ‘Hatting’ is a Scientology term used to describe getting training. If you were trained to be a doctor you would have been ‘hatted’ to be a doctor.

Assignment 1. If you're anywhere near Clearwater, show up at Flag tomorrow at 1:30pm for the CCHR Seminar. The Industry of Death Museum is all set up. If you haven't seen it, you have to see it! The seminar is $15 in advance, $25 at the door. Call Flag and ask for Charlotte in Div6 to buy your ticket.

I'll be there. If you've never met me, find me and introduce yourself. You'll also get to listen to and meet Ken Kramer.

Assignment 2. Respond to this frightful article:

You can write whatever you want.

Go to the second page of the article, scroll to the bottom and you'll see "Share Your Thoughts".

And report compliance by email.

Thank you!

Explanatory note: ‘Flag’ is a reference to the worldwide headquarters of Scientology. ‘Div6’, of which the CCHR is part, is the term used for public divisions within the Scientology administration structure.

Respond to this cookie-cutter letter by TeenScreen's Leslie MacGuire, trying desperately to defend the fraudulent activities and goals of TeenScreen:

Write whatever you want except if your last name ends in D-J or S-T. Then I want you to include the TeenScreen petition link and write something like "how can Leslie MacGuire ignore the public outcry" or "your newspaper should investigate a little what's really going on".
Some of the rest of you might also want to point out that Ms. MacGuire letter is not "reader opinion", it's free advertisement for her employer.

Send your letter to You have to include your full name, address and a daytime phone number.


There is an interesting article in the Fond Du Lac (Wisconsin) Reporter.

Read it at this link or read the text below:

There are a lot of ways you could attack this article. I recommend any of the following general themes:
-Don't lump psychiatric disorders with true physical illness. There is no certainty that even one child has a mental "disease" because there is no objective test for it.
-The disorders are made up by psychs and drug companies to make a profit.
-You could also go a completely different way, if you want, and point out that the "chronic illnesses" are caused by poor nutrition, too much tv, toxins, etc.
-And here's my favorite! Point out that there isn't an increase in illnesses, there is just an increase in people labeled with illnesses, because the drug companies have infiltrated the schools to find more customers. Examine each and every one of the chronic illnesses listed and you'll find that each on is associated with a profitable, patented drug.

Send you letter by clicking on

They want you to limit it to 300 words.

Once you've submitted it, report compliance by email.


This one is for California residents only. Sorry to leave the rest of you out.

Our subject this time is Narconon, a little off the usual operating basis.

Here's the article we're writing about:
DATE: Sunday, 7/23/2006
HEADLINE: Proposed drug center raises concern
  Other Narconon treatment sites have been cited for violations BY ALEX DOBUZINSKIS, Staff Writer

In your letter, do not mention Scientology or religion. 

What you want to do is give them a bigger story, like the widespread drug AND alcohol abuse are in Santa Clarita and surrounding areas, or questioning why anyone would try and stop someone from dealing with the drug problem. In other words turn the attention elsewhere.

Here is one fact for you: Palmdale (the nearest city to the proposed Narconon) was recently referred to in the British press as "known for its meth labs".  (URL: The  region is rife with drug abuse and could use not one but many Narconons.

You can search the net for "Palmdale drug abuse" if you need more to write about.

Send your letter to Flip a coin. If it comes out heads, send a copy to the reporter at

And report compliance by email.