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House of Prayer - private revelations - Apparations and new Catholic movements



Christina Gallagher of the House of Prayer. Her own website.

TV3's Midweek programme talks to Jim Gallagher (4/11/2009)
TV3's Morning show talk to Jim Gallagher and Mike McCrory (3/12/2009)
TV3 Documentary on Ireland's Secret Cults

News articles:

Sunday World article by Jim Gallagher Jan 6, 2008 (C). (page 1) (page 2) (PDF) This article raises serious issues about the authenticity of this visionary
20 January, 2008 (Sunday World) (page 1) (page 2) (PDF)
27 January, 2008 (Sunday World) (pages 1 2 3 4 5) (PDF)
3 February, 2008 (Sunday World) (page 1) (PDF)
10 February, 2008 (Sunday World) (page 1) (page 2) (PDF)
Sunday World article (2 March 2008)(large pdf)
Sunday Tribune Article: Heavenly pursuits, earthly paradise March 2, 2008 (c)
9 March, 2008 (Sunday World) (page 1) (page 2) (both large pdf)
11 May 2008: Vow of silence (PDF)
1 June 2008: House of Pain (pages 1 2 3) (PDF)
15 June 2008: Gates of Heaven (PDF)
20 July 2008: Holy Writ (pages 1 2 3 4 5) (PDF)

The following extract is from the Sunday World article dated 4th May, 2008.

We were threatened with eternal damnation if we didn’t give €150k to the House of Prayer

AN ELDERLY couple have revealed how they were brainwashed into giving a staggering €150,000 to fake visionary Christina Gallagher.

Michael and Betty Morrissey handed over their life savings during a 10-year period leaving themselves with little to live on. They were put under massive psychological pressure to find the cash, even though they could not afford it.
Now the couple from Knockanore, Co Waterford, have agreed to go public to stop other pensioners being caught in the same trap.

They said yesterday they were horrified when they discovered Gallagher – founder of the controversial House of Prayer on Achill Island – was living a life of luxury while collecting huge amounts of cash from elderly followers of her “cause”.

Michael (79) and Betty (69) stopped going to the House of Prayer a year ago after realising it was “a complete fraud”. But it was only when they read a series of articles in the Sunday World over the last few months that they realised the scale of the deception.

The final straw for them was when they discovered last week that Gallagher’s main fundraiser, Fr Gerard McGinnity, was denying collecting money from them.
The priest had relentlessly targeted them and many others for cash so this was “a blatant lie”, they said. Two of their cheques were actually written out to him.

They were stunned when they heard that McGinnity was telling his parishioners that the cheques – published in the Sunday World last month – were forgeries. They were even more shocked when they learnt the priest lied to his own boss, Cardinal Sean Brady, about his involvement with Christina Gallagher.

Full version of this article is available in PDF:

page 1 page 2

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