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The Audio / Video Library

House of Prayer
  TV3's Midweek have a chat with Jim Gallagher (broadcast 4/11/2009)
  TV3's Morning Show talk to Jim Gallagher and Mike McCrory (boradcast December 2009)

RTE News and Primetime on the DACI report into child abuse
Follow-up report by PrimeTime

General Pieces on Religious issues
  PrimeTime on religion in schools

Primetime on the Blasphemy Law

Pilgrim House piece on Would You Believe

MMM documentary

WYB documentary on the Hare Krishnas

Rael's appearance on the Late Late Show

Documentary on Heavens Gate

The International Church of Christ

Radical Islam documentaries – WYB piece / Prime Time

Documentaries on Jehovah Witnesses - Worldwide and in Ireland

Paradise Lost – a detailed look at the Jonestown incident

Ricky Rodriguez and the Children of God

Pieces on Waco & David Koresh
Surviving Waco
  Waco: Rules of Engagement (a critical look at how the authorities handled the situation)
  Various News Broadcasts from shortly after Waco

Unification Church (Moonies) documentary

Beginner's Guide to Hinduism

Documentary on polygamist groups

Documentary on Secret Societies

Satanism - in Poland and South Africa
A look at a murder case were the defendants claimed "The Devil Made Me Do It"

General pieces on cultism
  TV3 Documentary on Ireland's Secret Cults
  TV3's Midweek on Cults in Ireland
  Primetime on the collapse of the Irish banking system
  The Jeremy Kyle Show 2 Day Investigation

Tony Quinn materials - Marcus / Boxing Clever / TV3 2020 expose / DI protest

Scientology materials
  Panorama 1987, Panorama 2007 and Panorama 2010

The Big Story


Prime Time episode on Odhran Fortune & The Late Late Show featuring Mary Johnston


Secret Lives piece on L.Ron Hubbard


The Shrinking World of L.Ron Hubbard

  Interviews with John Duignan, Irish ex-Sea Org member
  ABC Nightline on Scientology - October 23rd 2009 and October 24th 2009

Beginner's Guide to L. Ron Hubbard

Foreign pieces:  

French documentary - Is Scientology Above the Law?


Spanish documentary – Undercover


Australia – Today Tonight’s world exclusive on OT3


German documentaries – The Scientology Plan & Missing in Happy Valley

Liveline piece on Tony Quinn and Scientology (5th January 2009)

The DCI Archive

The DCI Archive

Links to other related sites

Dialogue Ireland in its informative education programme in no way recommends or endorses any persons, or organizations on these links pages.

We present them only as sources of information for researchers to consider about group-related concerns or questions.

The Dialogue Centre International in Aarhus, Denmark. Their English website.
The International Cultic Studies Association (ICSA).
The Center for Studies on New Religions
Apologetics Research Resources
Religious Movements
Reachout Trust
Triumphing Over London Cults
Resource Centre on Cultic Thinking
The Rick Ross database
Cult Awareness & Information Centre
US Department of State - 2008 report on International Religious Freedom
Fact Net
The Freedom of Mind web site has useful advice for helping family members