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Human Potential, Therapy, Counselling and Consulting

There is in the absence of confession a need to share in secular contexts what was the domain of the sacred. In this country therapies are not regulated and anyone can set up shop. The need for processing human emotion leaves people vulnerable to unscrupulous people abusing this area for personal gain. During the Celtic Tiger years all kinds of coaches were offering success. Now that we see economic failure many are representing this as way to avoid failure and by focussing on success being one of those able to succeed where others do not. We report on those who have succeeded in misusing the these areas for their own benefit.

News articles on Roebuck

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Ex-client of counselling centre paid €235,000
Man ‘practically bankrupt’ due to counselling debts
Counsellor confirms she sought €100,000 from two people
Counsellor who got €250,000 from clients broke ethics code
Inquiry focuses on ‘urgent need’ to regulate counselling
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Roebuck – A Personal Account

Roebuck on RTE's Liveline (offsite)

22 October 2007 – 11.1Mb mp3
23 October 2007 – 27.6Mb mp3
24 October 2007 – 13.2Mb mp3

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