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Dear Mike,

As per our conversation today - this is my story about The Landmark Forum.

My brother, I will call him Paul, is a very easy going person. Last year he went through a lot of personal trauma and was going through a difficult period in his life. I was in constant contact with him and would listen and advise where possible. He rang me on a Monday in an elated state. He told me about this meeting he had been to in Dublin and that it had changed his life and he wanted me to go to one of the meetings. It according to him was a life changing experience and if I didn't go to one then I was really losing out- I was quite worried about this and asked him what he had attended. It was a Landmark Forum Meeting.

I could see the change (not for the better) in him straight away - he became very arrogant - was using the Landmark forum "speak" all the time - began to go through all the family members saying how stupid they were not to get involved in this. He kept on and on at me to come to one of these meetings. It went to a stage that when I saw his number coming up on my phone I wouldn't answer it. He was completely obsessed and went to meetings every week and also went to different parts of the country to meet up with his new found Landmark friends - his family ceased to matter. I got very worried when he said he was going to get his children into this Landmark Forum regardless of what his wife thought.

I looked up Landmark on the internet and my blood ran cold when I read some of the horror stories and personal experiences of people who had got involved in Landmark. I copied all of the info for him and gave it to him - he continued to stand up for Landmark - it was like as if he had been brainwashed - and for a while he continued going to the meetings but thankfully he hadn't been sucked in to far and eventually like an addict withdrawing from drugs he was able to distance himself from it - I certainly didn't like the person he became and I have told anyone that I meet if they ever hear or have anyone suggest Landmark Forum to them to think long and strong about it - if you are anyway emotionally raw - you get sucked in very easily and also it is very expensive - as it seems to go from course to course - they also get all free advertising from the people involved - while the people at the top make big money - in my opinion - best avoided.

Don't take my word for it - just type in The Landmark Forum on your search engine on your internet and just read the reports and then say truthfully whether you would want yourself or any of your family or friends caught up in this.

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