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New Age

The term refers to wide-ranging network of diverse movements and individuals. Its variety can best be appreciated by a visit to the annual Mind, Body, Spirit Festivals in Dublin and Cork. Here one finds anything from "Ascension teachings from the Alpha and Omega order of Melchizedec" to "Finding your golden healing angel for past life remembrance and soul destiny". The 'body' aspect is represented by practical therapies such as reflexology, yoga postures, massage, Tai Chi and acupuncture. These have brought practical benefits to many people. Some of the spiritual aspects of New Age have caused concern, not just for Christians, but also for mental health professionals. These include practices such as: understanding past lives, astrology, re-birthing, clairvoyance and use of tarot cards. Virtually all New Agers believe in reincarnation and the law of karma - both derived from Hinduism and Buddhism. Many also express a belief in 'Christ'. By this however, they are referring not to a divine Person, but to a power that emanates from God and manifests the authority of God in exceptionally enlightened individuals.

  • Ananda Marg
  • Brahma Kumaris
  • International Society of Divine Love
  • Elan Vital (divine light mission)
  • Sahaj yoga (run by Dr. Ivor Browne, not to be confused with a much larger group, not in Ireland, run by a woman in India, Nirmala Devi)

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