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Donations & Fees

Dialogue Ireland is a unique organization that deals with a very specialised, if almost esoteric, subject. Most people rarely think about this subject, and only do so when a major event hits the media or when they, or a loved one close to them, become involved in a group that leads to a family crisis.

As a charity we do not charge for advice and information on the phone or through email anywhere in the world. We charge for private consultations in person or with organisations, and terms will be worked out prior to commencement of the work. We also charge for specific research projects on behalf of families, individuals or organisations.

However, as a charity, we will provide a service to those who have an inability to pay. We rely upon volunteer work (which can add up to hundreds of hours) and upon the financial support of donors such as you who make it possible for us to continue offering services to the community.

Donations & Fees

If you have found our work, or our website, helpful please know that a donation that YOU make WILL help us to continue providing this service.

Our bank details for making a donation are:

Charity #: CHY 14004
Bank code: 93-10-55
Account: 20918 199
Address: AIB
37/38 O’Connell Street
Dublin 1

You can also use our standing order form to make regular donations.

Alternatively you can donate through PayPal by using this donate button:

A standing order form for the UK is available on request. Cheques from Ireland, USA, South Africa and the UK can be received without bank charges.

Phone: 353 -1- 8309384 or mobile 353 87 2396229
Address: 7/8 Lr Abbey St, Dublin 1, Ireland
Web site: http://www.dialogueireland.ie
Blog: https://dialogueireland.wordpress.com/
Email address: info@dialogueireland.ie
Charity number: CHY 14004