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    Gilchrist, John, series of booklets which are very useful.

    • Qur'an and Bible Series Responses to books by Ahmed Dedat.
      No. I . The Crucifixion of Christ: a fact, not fiction.
      No. 2. What indeed was the sign of Jonah?
      No. 3. The textual history of the Qur'an and the Bible.
      No. 4. Christ in Islarn and Chrisbanity
      No. 5 Is Muhammad foretold in the Bible.
      No. 6. Orgins and Sources of the Gospel of Barnabas.
    • Christianity and Islam Series.
      No. I . An Analytical study of the cross and the hijrah
      No. 2. Nuzul I Isa The second coming of Jesus Christ.
      No. 3. Al Masihu-lsa: The glory of Jesus the Messiah.
      No. 4. The uniqueness of Jesus in the Qur'an and the bible.
      No. 5. The Titles of Jesus in the Qur'an and the Bible.
      No. 6. Millat - A-Ibrahim: The True faith of Abraham.
      No. 7. The love of God in the Qur'an and the Bible
      No. 8. The Temple, the Ka'aba and the Christ.
    HPCF booklet, 101 Cleared Up Contradictions in the Bible, on Jay Smith's Debate web-site.
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    Stephen Masood, Why Follow Jesus, Into the Light, and The Bible and the Qur'an.. a Question of Integrity, all from Kitab

    Sharing Christ with Muslims. £2.25 incl p&p from Frontiers, PO Box 7, Northampton, NN3 2PJ. (Tel 01604-233535)
    Heart to Heart. Anne Cooper. from Word of Life, PO Box 14, Oldham, OL1 3WW. (Tel 0161 628 4051) £2 incl p&p


    Isa Masih. Thrice yearly newsletter for Christian Students. Available free of charge from CMF, 157 Waterloo Road, London SE1 8XN or email petersaunders@compuserve.com Back issues are available on-line at http://debate.org.uk/topics/isamasih/home.htm
    ISIC Bulletin. Islam world news. Six issues per year available from ISIC. (Tel 020-7474-0743)

  9. WEB SITES: Jochen Katz' site at http://answering-islam.org.uk
    Jay Smith's site at http://debate.org.uk
    Back Issues of Isa Masih are on-line on Jay Smith's site (see above)
    Otherwise just follow the links....
    Newsgroup: MCD on the Debate site; and soc.religion.islam; alt.religion.islam
    Ishmael My Brother. Weekend and/or Saturday Conferences organised by Christian Medical Fellowship and UCCF. Weekend conferences in May/Oct. Details and booking forms are available from CMF office. Ask for Sandra Hartley (tel: 020-7928-4694)
    For weekend conferences on your campus ask for Jay Smith: 020-8907-1504

    LBC's Islamic Training Course Week-long course using the Carey College material in Sept, at the 'Guthrie Centre' of the London Bible College. Ask For Lisbet Diers. (tel: 01923-456-160)