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Moon-conference Controversy Continues

The eighth annual International Conference on the Unity of the Science (ICUS), sponsored by the Unification Church, is still receiving hot and personal criticism. Delegates from the U.S.'s top universities are still defending their participation. The theme of the conference. which took place in Los Angeles before Christmas, was “The Responsibility of the Academic Community in the Search for Absolute Values. Scientists from nearly 60 countries made the all-expenses-paid-trip to the conference, which included 520 participants. But even before the conference convened, and with numerous public statements since, groups like the American Association for the Advancement of Science and the Coalition for Informed Choice, both of which are independant organisations of respected university scientists and concerned representatives, have all strongly condemned participation by scientists, saying that “legitimation by association” is Moon’s aim. Participants include meeting chairman Eugene P. Wigner, Princeton Physics Professor and Nobel Prize laureate, Walter Kaufmann, the noted Princeton professor of philosophy, and Sir John Eccles, Professor Emeritos of the State University of New York, Buffalo. Walter Kaufmann stated that he was “not persuaded” that the Unification Church was “dangerous” in any way. Indeed.

Source: “The Collegiate bimonthly from the American Family Foundation.