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(Translated, by Mrs. Won Pok Choi).

Good morning: Sit down!
You must be especially careful of the relationship be­tween men and women. I say this lest you should cause a scandal. If you leave any rumor of scandal between men and women, you will never be blessed together. The people of the U.S. especially must change the concept of going on dates and things like that. Because I am going to rely on you as the leaders of this nation, I regard that kind of thing with special concern.

Up to the present there have been many such people who would leave rumors. Back in Japan and Korea, those who felt they were attached would deliberately not meet each other. Those who have that kind of rumor would never be blessed under me. In my last blessing I took the reference from the missionaries I sent here; but in any case, those who had been attached beforehand I would not have blessed them. You must be thorough and absolute about that. Due to the human fall it took us thousands of years to restore humankind to the original position. And it's not quite done yet. If you commit any mistake in that kind of thing, it is nearly impossible for you to be forgiven. Our move­ment belongs to the period of perfection. Since Adam and Eve had barely reached the period of growth, they could fall--because they were not connected in heart with God. But if you are going to fall now, it's more difficult to be saved. Adam and Eve fell before being able to connect their love relationship with God. That's why there is room for them to be saved.

But if their heart of love were connected with God, and they had then fallen, there could never have been such a way of salvation. The love relationship between Adam and Eve was intact, but they never made the con­nection of heart with God, so there is room for them to be saved. But if you arouse problems in the love re­lationship, it will make it difficult for you to be saved--the Principle tells us. Do you understand? There was no heart of affection connected between Adam and God --and the fall occurred at that stage, so I again say that there is room for them to be restored to the origi­nal position. But if you are going to fall here, it will be very difficult to be restored. Even I cannot do it ac­cording to my own will. If you know the theory of the fall and then commit the fallen act, it cannot be for­given. This is something like putting your hand under the sword wielded by Satan--to chop off your hands. Is that clear to you?

I have been hearing rumors about you people. In that case you must be careful about that. Its not good for you to sit together side by side. Haven't you other people been feeling that? If you have, you must have or should have advised them. Chastity and keeping pure is the grea­test thing in our group. In the outside world, even in public places such as parks, they do just anything in this country. That cannot be allowed in God's sight. In the future, our young people have to do something about that. We have to revolutionize U.S. society. We must go beyond this or else the new world cannot be brought about by our hands. I am very strict about this, and I am going to punish any mistake committed between man and woman, because I am teaching the very principle of how to be pure --not to commit mistakes. In the near future there will be a time when I will not even let you walk hand in hand, man and woman. Because in that way you can give the wrong impression to other people.

Purity is something like a blossom before it is opened. So, before you are blessed, you must be like a blossom shut tight, and bear the fragrance deep within you. I am strict about this because the Principle teaches us that--the truth. Up to the present even missionaries sent here by me did not quite know the depth of it. You are going to be future leaders of this nation, so you must be very careful about this point. Any leader of any group in any center: try to avoid the situation of a man alone with a woman. You must be there--at least one man and two women, or two men and one woman. Eve fell because she was alone with the Archangel. When Eve fell with Adam the same was true, when there was God. Eve, Adam and the Archangel--then the fallen act could not have been com­mitted. If one male and one female are alone by themselves, isn't there the possibility of their committing the mis­take? Isn't that true? It is something like lighting a match to vapor in front of a gasoline tank. Wouldn't you avoid that? If you commit that kind of sin, after knowing the Principle, the way is narrow for you to be restored. For those who are already married before joining our group, I have already set up a condition, and the way is already paved, so that they can be blessed. But for the bachelors, heaven wants you to keep your virginity. In U.S. society, there are not many who have kept that purity, but after joining this group, the possibility is greatly increased.

As I said before, it is worse than murder. If you murder a person, you are killing one person; but by doing this thing, you are killing your descendants and your lineage. Then, wouldn't you say that this is more than killing and murdering people? The law to punish this kind of act is going to be the severest. Do you know that? You know what you have been before joining this group. But upon joining --after learning the Divine Principle--you must repent, and try your best to keep your purity from then on. You must have the feeling that you are so happy here - that you would do anything in repentance. More than anything else if you commit this mistake after joining the group and learning the Principle, that's horrible. Do you un­derstand clearly? Your one act of sin will affect your ancestry and your future descendants, the fruits of your ancestry. You will know when you have your own children how loving they are to you; and then your act of this kind will be something like giving them poison. You must be very careful. Whenever I bless you, you confess your past, too; but I always keep the statistics, and the statistics tell me that in Korea about 83% of the girls keep their vir­ginity; about the same for males. In Japan, 63%, but in the U.S., they are almost rags. You must be ashamed of that. You are certainly not proud of that. That's a sign of ruin, and if you have that kind of attitude here, don't come to me. If you go out into society in the worldly way, that kind of thing is allowed; why don't you go out and do that? I am so strict on this because I want to pre­vent it from happening. You must keep your purity and chastity. You must think of it as more valuable, more im­portant, than your own life. The fallen act in love will kill your descendants. If we teach you here that kind of concept, would the people outside of the U.S. like this kind of idea or not? Would they like it or not, our teach­ing this kind of purity? Yes. Even in the outside world, wouldn't the boys like to have pure, virgin girls as their wives, and vice versa? After the blessing it will be more strict. You are all forgiven of your sins and blessed. If you are distracted and set eyes on other males or females, that can never be forgiven. Jack, you have two boys. As a father, wouldn't you have your boys welcome pure girls as their wives? If you want that for your own children, wouldn't you have to be pure yourselves? When you marry, would you marry thinking that after a while, you are going to be divorced? If you are in the parents Position, would you have your children marry once and get divorced later? The reason for their having to get di-' vorced is almost without exception, usually the problem between male and female--the love habit. In order for us to be able to prevent this from happening, we must be able to theoretically explain that.

The Divine Principle is the only truth for that. Unless one knows clearly what would be the result of the com­mitted act of love, they will not take it seriously. Those blessed couples must stick together always. To the present you have been separated bacause of witnessing purposes and other things. But when you are allowed, then you must stick together, never allowing any temp­tation to come between you. I want to see you together. God is happy to see you seated side-by-side. But when the couple is sleeping, can other people get in there and sleep with them? That's not allowed even in the world­ly standard. In our world, sometime in the future, those other people may have to bow down before the beautiful couple when they pass by. We must applaud the beauty of the couple. Isn't that true? (YES!) They are blessed in God's sight and they have the right to be respected by the people around them. We must be very strict on this question. If you have any questions to raise, please do. If you feel you don't know too clearly, ask me questions. Now, do you understand why I am so strict on that? (YES.) After joining the movement, you must go through a public career of at least seven years, corresponding to the 6.000 years... Yesterday I happened to go out into the city of New York, and there was a parade--an army parade--Army, Air Force, and Navy--because is was Armed Forces Day. In my mind I
had a great expectation: this is such a great nation, it must be grand to see an armed forces parade in this country. So I wanted to telephone to Belvedere and bring the movie camera. But from what happened, I was dis­couraged. There did not seem to be any strict rule in their marching and all the rest. The rows were crooked and the men talked on the way. I didn't see the rules working--even in the army. I was discouraged, and I thought, "I will have to do something to the people of this country." They were in gorgeous uniforms, with high hats and all the decorations. But they kept no rule there and all the parade was spoiled, and the tradition of the armed forces was ruined. If we are going to do that kind of thing, we will never do it in that way.

I am good at training people; so even though I put certain people to shame, I will be strict on that and have you be awakened to the fact. I am not the type of person who can easily forgive people, in a sense. If I am too generous or tolerant to people whose behavior is questionable, then there will be Satanic invasion of other people's minds. Can I forgive that? In a sense I am frightening.
I am strict and all that. But on the other hand, I am ten­der and sweet. But mostly I am going to be strict on you because you deserve that. This kind of thing must be elimi­nated from the early stages of our movement. So, if you cannot bear that now, you must go back, wrap up your things, and come back ten years or more from now. Would you want to do that? (NO!) Why not? Its a hard job for me to have to be so strict on you--by frowning all the time--saying harsh things. I don't like this myself. I am doing some­thing like the timbermakers would do. I will cut off the branches and cut off the tree from the root and cut the trunks into pieces. When I have cut off the branches, I must not be reserved--I must do it without reservation--even the root. After you are made into timber, you are going to be used for a very great purpose--not before that. In training I am going to cut off the parts from you which are not needed. Do you understand? (YES.)

I can read your faces. From the way you talk, the way you smile, I can judge your personality. When I matched 235 couples out of the Japanese Family, it took me only eight hours and some minutes. Can you imagine? How could I do this? To others' eyes I looked as though I was draw­ing lots or something like that. I had some male member in mind, and I would look at all the girls, each one of the girls. When you look at nature, all the trees in sight at the first glance would look the same. But could a pine tree be engrafted to an acacia tree? They would both be ruined. If there are several pine trees, even though one of them is crooked and small, I have to cut one of the branches and engraft it to another pine tree, not other kinds. Some persons have the characteristics of waterfalls, very sensitive and flowing. In that case, if I am not careful in matching that person, he will die. If I have a person of explosiveness, then they will be well-matched--they will complement each other. If the waterfall comes down with beating power, there must be some power lifting it up or stopping it from doing that, or else that cannot be harmonised.

Only those who have eyes for that, can match people--and if you go on like you are in the U.S., as I see it, there will be many underdeveloped people, or idiots, born in this country.' That's true. There will be ruin. I am serious in wanting to match you. You don't know who will suit you best. Isn't it so? (YES!) If you are going to marry, you are not going to marry for your own sake. Mar­riage is like heaven and earth meeting together and being united into one, centered on you. On the horizontal level, I am responsible for the whole nation in marriage. In that sense, If you deny your wife, it means to deny the earth and to deny all the people on the horizontal le­vel, the nation. When you love her, it means you love the whole earth and love your nation. It is because your wife is the closest person to you out of the people of your nation. You are going to love the nation through your wife. If you are not loving your wife, you have no face before the earth, before your nation. Then, can divorce be possible in our movement?
All the way I have gone through is in accordance with the Principle. My job is to gather together what has once corn dispersed, and sew together what has been torn apart. I have the iron law in myself and no woman can ever tempt me. Adam fell because he was enticed by Eve, and fell into temptation. So, in me, there is no temptation possible, and I am not vulnerable to it. No one can induce, seduce, force, persuade me in that thing. I know that if Adam had been intact from Satanic temptation, restoration would have been possible centered on him. Eve can be re-created or restored by the person of Adam if he is intact--that is the Principle.

Do You know that, do you understand? Everything fits the Principle. 'Nothing is 'done without conformity to the Prin­ciple. Centering on Abraham, too, between Sarah and another woman--Hagar, the mother of Ishmael--there were many particulars in light of the. Principle.Mother is now trying hard to unite the minds of such women. You must know that I have gone through a difficult path which you can never imagine. I sometimes even.feel fearful of women. In the fallen world, it is easy for fallen women to tempt males. Since I have gone through such difficulties, I wouldn't let you, and I don't want you to go through the same path. Rather, after my having paid the indemnity, I want you to go straight on the road with purity. Regarding this problem, I am not a forgiving type of person. I feel rage in me if I find that kind of thing happening here. The Messiah being the Second Adam and the Lord of the Second Advent--in the same position to him, as in the case of Adam falling away, there should be a woman who, like Eve, is seduced into falling by the Archangel. Also there must be a woman who is in the position of the Bride to him, with him as the Messiah.
There have been many types of women in human history who have had a resentment toward men, either spiritu­ally or physically, and have come to me to get this indemnified. If I had listened to them and had been dragged back to their side, I would have become a fai­lure. So, I had to be very strict with those people. But if Adam were intact from Satanic invasion, he would have had his bride. And with Mother, he could go on with his mission. During my first seven-year course I had to educate Mother to re-create her. It took God 7.000 years to locate the bride for me, so during the seven-year course I had to indemnify all those things. My first absolute course means that. I have been able to re-create Mother. From her part, she must be absolutely obedient to me. She must be different from fallen Eve. Do you understand that in light of the Principle?

Then, you would say, "I must follow the example of Master in that, too, in the way he has trodden?" That's some­thing that has been done and has to be done through the man who is the Messiah, as the central figure, because he has to undo the entanglement. What took place in the Old Testament. Age and New Testament Age around the central personage must be solved, centered on me. I hate the i­dea of my having to go through all those things. So, I did this in order for these kinds of things not to hap­pen. So, even at the idea of those things--when I recall those things--it makes me feel horrible. In the Prin­ciple, I can love Eve only when she is in obedience to me--not in other cases. So, up to the present, I have never given Mother my pure heart. Because she had not yet been to the stan­dard. I have gone through all this without your know­ing it. I now let you know all these things, because you must have a clear idea of what I have gone through. So, when you are blessed in marriage, you women must be absolutely obedient to your husbands. You must know that. In your public career in this movement--in your mission--you must be cooperative with your husband and in obedience to him.

If you, in holy marriage, are going to divorce, Satan will accuse you of that. You can never be restored. Do you understand? (YES.) So, we are going to go through the last stage having restored this much; and then when we enter into the direct sphere of God's dominion, that is the ideal world. After our three seven-year courses are conclu­ded, the ideal world must begin to come at least in this nation of the U.S. If within seven years from now, this cannot be realized, it may be prolonged to 21 more years. Then, it can be prolonged to the year 2.000. By that time I will be 80 years old. That would corre­spond to Moses' 80 years of age. At the latest, by that time, our way will be paved to reach out to the end of the world. This seven-year course will be concluded when I am 60 years old. From the year 1960 up to my age of 80, it will be 40 years' time. So, we must try our best to conclude our mission--or to make our mis­sion a success, if possible--in 40 years at the latest. Do we have an indefinite time ahead of us, or can we see the conclusion? Even though you may be a failure, I will go on and accomplish my mission.

In order for a woman to be loved by her man in the real sense, she must first of all be able to lift her man up to the standard where he can be loved by God, and then with him in place of God, she can be loved by him. That's why I am separating even the blessed couples for the time being. During that three years, I would want the male folks to restore their rights and dignity. After restoring the rights and dignity of the male being, and putting him above the woman, then alone does he have the right or qualification to love his wife. That's why I have been doing this. When you go over this standard, a woman is in back of the man. We have three stages in this period, too. That is to say, three years. In Korea, for three years's time, I separated all the blessed couples. That's what happened in the U.S., too. When I sent out the blessed women to the front-line, I meant that they should follow the example of their husbands, who had been working in the front-line, to experience the same thing. Their husbands are in the position of having accomplished those three years, and by treading the same way, by going through the way paved by them and reaching that point, only then could they be really loved by their husbands. Entering that age, they could be under the direct dominion of God, and they could come to the original position where a man can love his wife. In the family, if they have children, the children must also be obedient to their parents. They must feel like going out to the front-line to work with them and live with them. With that unity of spirit they can be elevated to their standard.

When they first went out, of course, they went out de­serting their children, leaving them behind. It is be­cause, only after the parent is restored will the chil­dren be restored, automatically. If, in that case, the children would object to their parents having to go to the front-line, they would be repeating the act of sin. There were many tragic things which happened during that interval of time. Something like the tragedy that has happened in the course of restoration was happening in some of the families. Some would have someone taking care of their children, but some had to leave the chil­dren in their grandmother's hands or mother-in-law's hands--or when they didn't have people to take care of their children, they had to leave them in orphanages. They had the same experience as what happened between man and God in the early days of human history. Between God and Adam and Eve there was a great gap. The children wanted to reach God and they missed Him. This is a very important thing. Someday, you will have to have an ex­amination on these questions.

Didn't I go through the same thing in Korea? You must realize that in Korea your brothers and sisters have gone through untold misery in your place—to indemnify all the conditions. I have gone through the indemnity course in my own family, and Korean blessed families have gone through the indemnity course, and all those things are being passed on to you. Thus, your way is paved, and you cannot complain about having to work hard. Without this already done by the Korean people, your road would be more bumpy and difficult to tread. So, you must be grateful to the Korean members. Down at the bottom, the Korean members laid the foundation stones, and struggled hard to pave the way, and now the road is smooth and wide. Can't you go--dash forward on the road? Now, in the worldwide-level road, you must be in the vanguard of others, struggling hard on the way. Are you ready for that? (YES!)

For you to have to go through all these things is, by the worldly measure, a sort of tragedy. But knowing the Principle, I have to solve all those things, undo the entanglement, and I have to solve it with you--and without me you cannot do it. By our going through these three years, we are in the position of having resurrec­ted Jesus, who failed in being the True Parents to his would-be children. So, by going through these stages we could have made these three into one--Jesus in the position of the True parents, having a relationship with the true children. In this way, he will have laid the foundation on the national level, centering on his own family, corresponding to Jesus.

So, in the course of the restoration, there is also the separation between mother and children, parents and children. So, in the course of restoration, there must be oneness between brother and sister, and they must be vertically centered on God. Brothers and sisters must become one and parents must become one--and then those two levels must unite into one. Then those in wholesome oneness can go to the kingdom of heaven. So, until you have three spiritual children and raise them in wholesome oneness and have them blessed, you cannot reach the kingdom of heaven. At the time of Jesus, when the three chief disciples of his were not willing to die in place of Jesus, he was a failure. In this age, you are in the position of Jesus. When you have gained three spiritual children, you must be able to raise them till they become so dedicated to you that they will be will­ing to die for you--or else your mission will not be a success in the real sense.

What was committed at the time of the fall must be re­stored or undone or done all over in the reverse way. Because Adam and Eve failed to be united into one with God in love, they are under the position of Satan. Now we must cut off our bondage from Satan and bring our­selves back to God, to come to God with love.So, among our members, we must feel closer in, the bonds of love than with our brothers and sisters. You must never love each other as lovers would in the world. When Adam and Eve were going to be blessed, they were in the position of brother and sister. At the time that they were in the stage of brother and sister, they did not know that they were going to be blessed. You must put yourselves in that position. If you talk about being future hus­band and wife, its already a mistake or sin. You must restore yourselves from the position of brothers and sisters. Without knowing that they were going to be fu­ture spouses, they could still fall. So, if you know this and commit that kind of thing with conscience, its more dangerous.
You can never think or talk about things in terms of what you are going to do as future husband and wife. The Divine Principle can never allow this to happen.

Do you understand? So, you can never imagine who is go­ing to be your spouse. Who knows--God's will can be the only motivation, and the True Parents alone can do it. Not now, but in the future. In the Unification Movement, who is in the position of the parents? You know that Master is; then without Master's position, how can you do that kind of thing? Master allows you in marriage--that's the time you begin to think of that. At that time I will assemble you and have enough time to associate with you and see each other in terms of your possible spouses, and then alone can you think of people in that way. Before my permission you can never do that, or you will feel impurity working in you before the time is due. Under this strict law, there is even the possibility of your falling into misdeed. Then, if I were to let you alone there is more possibility of your committing that kind of mistake. That's why even God in the very begin­ning had to tell Adam and Eve not to eat of the fruit.

How can I give you permission to eat freely? I must be more strict than God because I know the fallen nature inherent in you. Have you fully understood what I meant?

One more thing I want you to know, especially the men, is this: Don't ever dream of proposing to women first, or saying, "I love you". Don't initiate that kind of thing. From the women's part, its more so, because they initiated the fall, so how can they ever say that to men? You are in the position not to have been born or not to know what love really is as yet. So, unless the parents would bring you love, or plant the notion of love in your heart, you cannot initiate love or talk about love. That is the core of the Christian ideology in terms of bride and bridegroom. Before this, celibacy is advocated. In the Bible we read that St. Paul said that if you can­not overcome lust, you may as well make yourselves into eunuchs. You must know that when I repeat this over and over again I am really serious. I warn you against com­mitting a mistake.

So, once you commit that kind of mistake, there is no way for me to save you and there is no measurement of how to be saved. You will be doomed to Hades. Then you will have no excuse even in the spirit world when you pass away. You can never say to me, "Why didn't you let me know this? Why did you allow me to fall into the pits?" Did I tell you? Are you sure you understood? I have done my part. You must try hard not to fall into the snare, into the trap. This is very far or high from the stan­dard of what you have been thinking and acting in the world. So, I know it's going to be difficult for you--but all the more, you must try hard. This is the formula, this is what the Divine Principle demands of you.