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Moonism - Nothing to Do with Christianity

Moonism, more respectably known as the Unification Church, is active in Japan. Moon moves in mysterious ways and Moortism fulfills its mission through a variety of means. Often Moonist activities present a Christian front, and it misleads many.

Some time ago the National Christian Council of Japan made it clear why, in its view, the Unification Church is not a Christian Church. In a recent statement the Council says:

One of the aims of the NCCJ is to promote unity among Christian churches and to deepen cooperative relationships with other religions while respecting the autonomy of the churches and freedom of religion. Since the Unification Church in Japan promotes its activities under various names such as “The Universal principle Research Group,” Communism study or Bible study, these activities have often misled people to believe that they are within the Christian community. In order to prevent such mistakes, the NCCJ summarises here, in three points, ways in which the understandings of the Unification Church differ from Christian beliefs.

1. The Unification Church believes Mr. Moon Sun Myong as the revelation of God who solves all problems related to man and the universe.

2. The redemption seen in Jesus on the cross is only meant to save the spirit. The salvation of the body requires the second coming which will take place in Korea.

3. According to their interpretation of the Trinity concept, God formed the Trinity with the creation of Adam and Eve. However the fall of Adam and Eve created a trinity with Satan. In order to be saved from this situation, God created Jesus and the Holy Spirit, the true father and mother for human beings, representing the actual trinity. To become the true father and mother both physically and spiritually, it is necessary that the second coming materialize.

The above points clearly indicate the differences between the Unification Church and Christianity, concludes the statement.

Source: CCA News, March 15, 1980 p. 8.