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Moon-sponsored International Student Camp

“C.A.R.P. presents Florida: sun, fun, people, excitement, sports, inspiration” declared leaflets distributed on many college campuses around Christmas. However some of the students who paid the nominal $ 20 for the bus trip to Florida and the “student seminar” talked after of the frightening introduction they received to the recruiting techniques of the Unification Church - all under the auspices of a Moon front group which calls itself the Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles (CARP).

A year ago Harvard University dean of students Archie Epps ordered CARP off the campus, saying that they were misrepresenting themselves, but they have continued to solicit members on city sidewalks nearby. Mel Haft, CARP recruiter here, said that CARP was not purely “theological like Moon’s Church, but tries to apply Unification Principles to present day issues”. America’s role in world politics, the place of ethics in the politics of the 80‘s, general awareness of social ills and “what should guide your life” were same of the come-on topics both in attracting students and on the seminar, but over half of the participants were already involved in working for Moon and the general schedule was tight, controlled, “like a prison” as students who left the camp with police described it. One of those who managed to leave was a Debbie Block, who said on a Boston T.V. interview that her mind had been tampered with. A press conference was called by Boston Unification Church officials who called Ms. Block’s story “rubbish”.

Chong Goo Park, a Korean who is National Director of CARP threatened to sue Ms. Block, denying her claim to have been deprived of sleep and food, and attacked the “media’s murderous action against 600 CARP members”. A handful of Ex-members against Moon and more supporters picketed outside. Steve Hassan, head of the ex-members, told reporters that workshops sponsored by U. Church were not themselves aimed to convert people, but to gain sufficient interest to participate in longer seminars in isolated places where round-the-clock softening up for spiritual experiences and an acceptance of Moon’s theology could take place. He said that CARP encouraged students to drop out of school, even though CARP is usually registered on campus as a student club. Rev. Park, said to be called “The Tiger” in Church circles, came outside and said to Hassan: “You have betrayed God. You have betrayed Moon. You are Satan”.

Hassan replied: “There you have it, from the horse’s mouth”.