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An answer to Peter Jensen who did not answer - Johannes Aagaard

Having studied the material from the court-case against the 11 not only the 9 leaders of Scientology the Up-Date put down the major findings in the article “Scientology and crime”. Before publishing the article it was sent to Scientology Denmark, and its chairman Peter Jensen has written an “answer”, which is also published in this issue. This answer is remarkable in many ways, but first of all because it does not answer the analysis at all. No single correction is found in it. Peter Jensen prefers to speak about something different. First of all he smears Paulette Cooper and communicates lies about her. We hope to be able to get Paulette Cooper’s answer for the next issue of Up-Date, but in order to introduce her, a small presentation is added after this comment.

In a letter (with the official letter-head of Scientology) Peter Jensen informs us that our presentation includes a very important misunderstanding. He maintains that “an organisation as such never can do anything. It always has to be the individual members in the organisation who do anything”.

This surprising viewpoint is made even more interesting, since his “answer” is sent to us as “an expression of the viewpoint of the Scientology Church”. If his above statement is true then the answer could only be from the individual Peter Jensen.

It is, however, interesting that this interpretation is brought forward, for it obviously isn’t watertight. All the criminal orders were given out officially by the Scientology organisation and by the top-leaders who most certainly did not act privately. And all the damaging material is found by the FBI in Scientology’s official archives.

Apart from this comment we do not want to answer Scientology’s - or Peter Jensen’s - answer. He is not only lying concerning Paulette Cooper but also concerning many other points. The interesting point is: is he aware that he is lying or is he lying as a part of his drill ?