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An Evil Conspiracy - Johannes Aagaard

By Johannes Aagaard


A unique collection of secret documents from Scientology has come into the possession of the Dialog Centre. We have received them from a source who thinks that we ought to know what this organization has perpetrated against us in the past. The documents illuminate a great many things which until now have been only half understandable.

During the years 1975-1982 the Dialog Centre was subject to a series of attempts to expose us to the public as the opposite of what we really are like.

Thousands of anonymous letters circulated against us, most of them round the town of Ebeltoft. We were planning a "country centre" there as an asylum for the victims of new-religious destruction.

Countless stickers were put up all over the main building at Aarhus University. They carried the words "Ecumenical Labour Camp Ebeltoft 1978" and a primitive picture of a red flying banner. Someone obviously wished to create the impression that the working camp of the Ecumenical Centre for young volunteers wanting to lend a hand to the preparation of the house in Ebeltoft, was communist activity.

Innumerable letters to the editor, mostly signed with false names, were mailed to newspapers. They accused us of everything under the sun. Correspondence was stolen from our archives and used against us in ways which were completely insane, but which still made an impression on a good many people.

We were sent "sex toys " acquired at porn shops, and even our children were terrorized with such presents and with telephonic harassment.

A cloud of rumours and gossip was spread against the Dialog Centre, and it became difficult to comprehend what people turning against us really meant by their insinuations.

Bad blood was set between old friends. We saw them leave us and had no idea why. What did they believe they knew which had been planted in their minds?

Many such methods were used against us, but we shall not waste time and space enumerating all of them.

Now, however, we have for the first time been presented with actual evidence. Until now we have had to rely on oral statements and our own ability to figure out how things were connected.

All the time we have sensed that Scientology was at the bottom of these actions. But we have not been able to prove it. For example, it was Scientologists who appeared before the Bishop of Copenhagen, bringing correspondence stolen from our filing cabinets. They claimed that they had received them from an anonymous source "in Aarhus". And who could refute that? The police in Aarhus who received the report of the theft would not do anything about it, because "letters have no financial value"! Actually, that was what they said at the police headquarters when we reported the theft.

When Vibeke Dammann in 1980 left Scientology after having been a crucially placed member for several years, she told us that the staff at weekly meetings which she had attended, directly planned the campaign against the Dialog Centre. One of the departments of the organization, called B-1, carried out the many activities. The agents whom Scientology planted in the Dialog Centre were controlled by B-1. Vibeke Dammann could also give us the names of three of such agents whom we ourselves at that time had discovered and thrown out.

Now, at last, we have got documentation for the facts Vibeke Dammann told us about. Internal papers have leaked out from Scientology's organization and they report straightaway about the activities against us. We have been informed of the content of the papers by a journalist who deals critically with Scientology. We have met him, and we have studied his work and have found that it is sober and thorough, so we rely on the genuineness of the papers.


Scientology's Pollution of the Environment

Scientologists seem to keep careful archives of their activities. And, indeed, that is helpful when their evil deeds are to be exposed.

In a letter from 1987 the most important antagonists of Scientology in Denmark are listed. It is a report written in English and addressed to the leadership in the USA. First a journalist is mentioned, Jakob Andersen, from the Danish tabloid Ekstra Bladet, who has earned great merit as a pioneer in the fight against Scientology. They describe him, and they conclude that for the time being they will not do anything against him.

On the other hand, Johannes Aagaard is pointed out as a great threat to Scientology. In Scientology's special language it says, "Johannes Aagaard is by far the biggest threat to us in DK. He was the one who took the torch after Jakob Andersen stopped, and is very responsible for the current poor PR state we have in DK."

Translated into understandable language this means that Johannes Aagaard is by far the most important antagonist to Scientology in Denmark. He took up the work after Jakob Andersen and is very much responsible for the bad reputation Scientology has in Denmark.

Naturally, we are pleased! And we are not surprised when the report goes on stating that Scientology has spied upon Aagaard and reported on him in many ways and taken actions against him in order to create "a sour image" of Johannes Aagaard. Yet, they recommend that Scientology should not go into an open confrontation with him for the time being as that would cause him again to make Scientology a main target.

In the letter other persons are mentioned that might be connected with Johannes Aagaard. Among other things the seminar on new-religiosity at the Ministers High School is mentioned in which ministers from various dioceses are participating. In the report it says point-blank that the reaction of Scientology has been "to undermine the status of Aagaard, so things could be rebutted by 'oh, it's just the Nazis'."

The meaning of this formulation is that they want to spread the image of Johannes Aagaard that he is persecuting those with differing ideas, just as the Nazis persecuted the Jews. And that is, as is well known, exactly this course Scientology has chosen to follow, yet, not first and foremost under its own name, but especially through the so-called 'Union of Religious Liberty, (Forening for Religionsfrihed) with Svend Aage Laursen and Seder H. Bering as intermediaries.


The Contribution of Scientology to Division in the Dialog Centre

The papers mentioned a series of "nice" events. We are not surprised that Scientology has poked its nose into the Dialog Centre, because we discovered most of the agents and have thrown them out. Still, it is hard to see it in writing that Scientology makes evil a natural form of self-expression. It appears from the papers that a special operation was set in motion in order to play off Aagaard against Jens Johansen who at that time was his nearest colleague as joint secretary for the Dialog Centre and the Co-operation Committee of New-religiosity (SON). It looks as if the Scientologists have done everything they could to influence Jens Johansen without his knowledge, so the division between the Dialog Centre and SON was increased as much as possible.

In the same turn they succeeded in creating a split between the Dialog Centre and certain committee members of the Ecumenical Centre. We have the name of the agent whom Scientology in particular used in this case, and the name of the wire-puller behind her person in Århus who directed the agent several times a week and gave new instructions about the slandering of the Dialog Centre, and in this period especially its chairman, Johannes Aagaard.

Many things point in the direction that also other parts of the strife between the Dialog Centre and SON had been organized from Scientology. It was such an absurd strife that already at that time it was debated among the colleagues of the Centre whether Scientology and similar evil forces could be the cause of it, so, again, we are not surprised at the perspective. The fact that in spite of all the affair led to a strengthening of our work, because the people at the Dialog Centre essentially stood back to back and stuck together, all of which could not be foreseen by Scientology.

The same papers also go further back in time and tell of the strife at the Ecumenical Country Centre in Ebeltoft.

We did know that an agent from Scientology joined one of our summer-camps and the ecumenical labour camp and we were also aware, who he was. But now we know a good deal more of his activities. For example, until now we did not know that he had a colleague who lived at Tranbjerggård, a house close to the land of the Country Centre from which a small commune (which included Johannes Aagaard's daughter and son-in-law) was preparing the planned building and farmwork.

We know, too, that Scientology was behind the many thousand anonymous libels which poisoned the atmosphere of the Country Centre at Ebeltoft as well as behind the many letters to the editor with false names pursuing the same aim.

But now we can read it in Scientology's own words and now we know exactly who were in charge. We know also who did the pasting of the many 'Labour Camp' stickers at Aarhus University. We know, too, who bought and sent sexobjects to Aagaard's daughter as a wedding present.

We also know who stole the correspondence between Aagaard and Bishop Ole Bertelsen, and caused Mr. Bertelsen a reprimand from the Ministry of Ecclesiastical Affairs for what was called 'clandestine' correspondences. In quite another sensible way, Aarhus University knew how to distinguish between a long-standing private correspondence and 'clandestine' correspondence. We now know who did it and that the responsibility rested with Jan Hansen, the present leader of Scientology's intelligence service, then called B-1 and now named Invest DK.


The Present Situation

We are glad that it has now been proven what we knew all the time. We are glad because there were always, even friends, who suspected that we over-dramatized the situation. It does not ring quite true to imagine that kind of things in little Denmark! Therefore, we were a little uneasy by the fact that we have not been found quite trustworthy, just as quite a number of people in the present situation do not quite believe us.

Little Denmark is not so innocent any longer as it used to be. We are invaded by all kinds of wrongdoing, organized into a system. Scientology is such a system and it has been proven through the kind of actions of which we here have given examples. But there is much more to it! Their dirty tricks are still part of a system, and they still work. And the Dialog Centre shall still resist and organize a resistance movement against that kind of organized evil.

Naturally, the published facts are of great interest in the law suit by the Dialog Centre against the "Union of Religious Liberty". It is the same forces that still try to crush the Dialog Centre with lies and wickedness.

The difference today is just that the intelligence service of Scientology nowadays seldom works through their own forces. They employ a certain detective agency whose name we also know. But Scientology works chiefly through the previous mentioned Union of Religious Liberty, where especially Svend Aage Laursen and Seder Bering are active, together with the Tongil Movement, i.e. "Unification Church". A series of other new religious movements and groups have joined this Union. We can prove that this co-operation still works for the benefit of Scientology and other similar forces in this country.

Through the years we have had to put up with many things from this 'evil conspiracy' which we ordinarily call it, and many of our members have also been harassed by them. We are pleased and grateful that today we can look back on a great loyalty from the vast majority of the members and colleagues. The fact that some of them fell away for fear of the lies is no wonder. That's the way it has always been.


Addendum 1991: Another spy-story came to court in 1990. Scientology had engaged a private detective, who had - according to instructions - hired a young student to infiltrate the Dialog Center. He was found out, when the police for other reasons searched the detective-office. Its leaders admitted the dirty and unlawful contract with Scientology, and for once even the Scientologists admitted the crime, but maintained that it was necessary to counter the kidnapping and deprogramming of the Dialog Center. This slander is now taken to court by the DC, which never engages in such activities. The young student got a suspended sentence, because the DC intervened and asked for a mild sentence. He was just an instrument for the real guilty party, Scientology.

This young boy was the 5th spy from Scientology - directly or indirectly - who was found out. One has to consider that more spies probably have been at work than those who failed. But the real secret of the DC/DCI has not been found out by Scientology: that we have no secrets!