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Ron Hubbard in Massacre Inn, Southern California - Charles Stafford

In the last issue of Up-Date we asked if Ron is still alive. He seems to bet since both Rev. Haack in Munich and dr. Aagaard in Århus have received Christmas-greetings from him!

More important are the news from Charles Stafford who has written an important publication called “Scientology, an in-depth profile of a new force in Clearwater”. In this publication he writes:

The people around San Jacinto are wondering why security is so tight around the complex. There is a guardhouse blocking the entrance to the resort, and armed men with snarling German shepherds have been seen patrolling the grounds.

The Riverside Press-Interprise thought all of this quite strange and began to check out some of the people who are living and working at the resort. After a bit of investigation, the newspaper learned that a number of the workers seen at the resort are members of the Church of Scientology.

And at least ane law enforcement source in the San Jacinto area says he believes the church is using the resort as one of its havens for L. Ran Hubbard:

When a reporter from The St. Petersburg Times approached the guardhouse earlier this month to inquire about any links to the Church of Scientology, the response was unexpectedly intense.

“It’s none o’your f--k-- business what’s going on here,” snapped a tall young man with a clipped British accent."Who sent you here from Florida to ask these questions?”

When the reporter presented his press pass, the young man who refused to give his name, was not mollified.

“Now let me tell you something,” he shouted, shaking his fist in the reporter’s face, “we’ve come here to do a job, and we won’t f--k-- be stopped by some reporter from Florida.”

Assured by the reporter that his only interest was in determining if the Church of Scientology is using the resort as a temporary home for Hubbard, the young man - who had now been joined by several other young men - turned red in his face.

“Listen,” he said,"were going to build condominiums here, and if you don’t f--k-- like it thats too bad. We won’t be stopped because there’s big bucks involved here. You got that? BIG BUCKS.”