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What happens when you oppose Scientology? - Johannes Aagaard

The strange fact is that all people who dare attack Scientology thereby automatically enter into a long period of harassment and suffering. No one who has not experienced it can imagine it. All human beings seem to suffer from an (instinctive) weakness which implies that they cannot believe the worst. But in fact the worst is often the truth.

In the case of Paulette Cooper - the author of “The Scandal of Scientology”, A Tower Book, New York 1971) the following happened:

l. She was framed to the FBI, leading to her indictment, arrest and potential 15 years jail sentence (this was done directly by Scientology as a part of Operation Lovely - which was the code for actions against Paulette).

2. She was sued 14 times, and her book was brought into England where it hadn’t been published in order that it could be sued there.

3. The Internal Revenue Service got a spurious tip that Paulette’s father was evading taxes leading to repeated interrogations.

4. Her name and telephone-number were put (graffiti style) in public places.

5. Her name was put into pornographic mailing lists.

6. Her legal notes to her lawyer were stolen to get the advantage in litigation.

7. Her parents’ Rabbi was visited and told that “a terrible tragedy would befall the Cooper family” if Paulette did not lay off Scientology.

8. A Scientologist was sent to spy upon her, date her, befriend her, interview her, move into her apartment from where weekly reports were filed on her and large amounts of personal material were photocopied, e.g. even her diary from her late teens and her address-book.

9. A typist was planted on a psychiatrist she had once been to years earlier, and then from an anonymous source she as well as others recieved the reports of the psychiatrist.

10. Her publisher was harrassed.

11. Her manuscripts were stolen prior to publication.

12. A large number of depraved, horrible, obscene and untrue anonymous smear letters about her were distributed. Among the receivers we can mention: the tenants in the building where she lives, her parents, governmental agencies, her friends, her boss.

13. Somebody attempted either to kill Paulette or to lead her to believe they would, but inadvertently they attacked her roommate.

14. Somebody burglarized her lawyer’s offices.

IS. She has received threatening, obscene and harassing calls for years.

16. Derogatory calls about her have been made many times to her friends.

During many and difficult years in which the churches and the civil rights orqanisations were passive, Paulette has been fighting a relentless struggle against the Scientologists. In the documents which were taken by the FBI from the Scientology-archives, she found the most surprising proofs that not only did Scientology do such terrible things to her, but they also reported and registered their doings in their archives, similar to the crimes committed by the Nazis against their victims and also carefully registered by the criminals themselves.

How can it be that the churches, who from the “worst” acts of the Nazis should have learned that it belongs to the ministry of Christ to protect human rights, did not, and do not stand up and support the real heroes of this warfare, such as Paulette Cooper? How is it that a little Jewish woman is to fight the Goliaths of this time, while the churches stick to their agenda?