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You Have Seen It Happening: A Future Dominated by Scientology

Imagine the new Scientology world order...
Imagine a time when no newspaper dares to publish anything about Scientology without first having Scientology's approval.
Imagine a time when all the court and government records containing disclosures about Scientology have been destroyed or sealed from the public view.
Imagine that everyone who knew firsthand about Scientology's dangers and abuses have rationalized or emotionalized themselves into inaction.
Imagine that some who knew firsthand engaged in sporadic and heroic but grossly under-effective action to counter Scientology. Now they live in hiding.
Imagine that the last effective organizations for collective defense support of Scientology critics, victims, and dissenters have been destroyed.
Imagine a time when Scientology's money, intelligence, and terror tactics have so corrupted the court system that, even if a victim could still find a lawyer, the victim is so discouraged by intimidation of past victims that he won't even try the courts anymore.
Imagine a time when Scientology has become so wealthy and powerful (with a little help from the IRS) that it openly runs candidates for political office and covertly sets and controls our political agenda.
Image democracy redefined according to the principles of L. Ron Hubbard: only people who are "clear" are rational enough to be allowed to vote and only citizens who are honest producers have rights. Of course, it is Scientology that defines the new meanings of honesty and productivity.
Imagine all drugs not approved by Scientology being banned: all psychiatric and psychological counseling against the law.
Image all citizens forced to report anyone who has any disagreements with the new Scientology order. E-meter security checks are routinely ordered on anyone who shows any signs of not being Gung-Ho or "hip hip hooraying" to the full program.
Imagine intelligence files, accumulating now in Scientology's underground archives, used to identify all psychiatrists, pharmaceutical company executives, bankers, media critics, lawyers, government agents, judges, former members and their families, defectors, SP's, "downstats" or other known anti-Scientologists. These records could be used to send all the previously mentioned individuals to concentration camps called "rehabilitation centers."
(Secret documents seized by the FBI show that L. Ron Hubbard admired the Nazi's use of intelligence and intimidation tactics.)


The results

After this final purging of Scientology-defined "degraded beings", Scientology will have gained control of every aspect of your life, your country, and the world.

Imagine your children and their children having to live under the Scientology dominated social, economic, and political order simply because you rationalized or were afraid and did nothing, too little, or failed to organize, work with, and support those organizations who were working for the collective security of all of us.

Parts of the above scenario have already happened. Other parts are just beginning to happen with the help of irresponsible celebrities. It all becomes increasingly possible as every day you read more about Scientology's growing wealth, influence, and intimidation of its adversaries.