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Declaration of Loyalty to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi - Jai Guru Dev

(to be signed by the teacher of TM)

It is my privilege Maharishi, to promise to teach the Principles and Practice of Transcendental Meditation only as a teacher-employee of ………… which accepts me as such, that I will always hold the teaching in trust for you, dear Maharishi, and that I will never use the teaching except as teacher in ………… or other organizations founded by you for the purpose of carrying on our work of spreading Transcendental Meditation for the good of mankind; that as a teacher in ………… I shall receive such compensation as shall be agreed between ………… and myself in writing and except as agreed in writing I expect to receive no monetary compensation but am fully compensated by the love and joy I receive from the work by the alleviation of suffering that I may accomplish and by the wisdom I obtain, expulsate and cherish. In furtherance of this pledge I acknowledge that prior to receiving the training I had no prior knowledge of such system of Teaching; that there is no other available source where the knowledge of such training may be obtained; that such teaching has been imparted to me in trust and confidence; that such training is secret and unique. I further recognize as a Meditation Guide and Initiator I am a link in the chain of organizations that you have founded, and that to retain the purity of the teaching and movement you have laid down the wise rule that, should I ever cease to teach in ………… or other organizations founded by you, for the purpose of teaching Transcendental Meditation, I may be restrained by appropriate process from using this secret teaching and Transcendental Meditation imparted to me.

It is my fortune Guru Dev that I am being accepted to serve the Holy Tradition and spread the light of God to all those who need it. It is my joy to undertake the responsibility of representing the Holy Tradition in all its purity as it has been given to me by Maharishi and I promise on your alter Guru Dev that with all my heart and mind I will always work within the framework of the Organizations founded by Maharishi. And to you, Maharishi, I promise that as a Meditation Guide I will be faithful in all ways to the trust that you have placed in me.