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TM Mantras - Johannes Aagaard

Transcendental Meditation officially maintains that a mamtra is given by the TM teachers according to specific insights and in accordance with the individualities of the meditators.

In reality the TM mantras are given according to very mechanic norms, namely according to age-groups. From the above mentioned German book “Die Macht der Süssen Worte” we publish a list of TM mamtras indicating the age-groups. If any of our readers know about similar or different lists or are able to correct this list from personal observation, we will be most grateful to get information on this point.

mantra  age-group
ing       3-10
in         10-12
inga     12-14
ina       14-16
aing     16-18
aim      18-20
ainga    20-22
aima     22-24
shiring 24-30
shirin   30-35
hiring   35-40
hirin     40-45
kiring   45-50
kirin     50-55
shiam   55-60
shiama  beyond 60