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Ten thousand youths invited to develop their full creative potential and create an ideal society

From "The Hindustan Times", New Delhi, Dec.4, 1979.

MAHARISHI'S UNIQUE PROGRAMME. His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, founder of the World Government of the Age of Enlightenment. Founder of the Science of Creative Intelligence and the Trancendental Meditation and T.M.Sidhi Programme, who has brought to light the profound parallels in Veda and modern science, has decided to train ten thousand Indian youths to collectively gain mastery over nature, to radiate Sattwa and purify world consciousness. After the training these enlightened individuals will go to all parts of the world and maintain higher consciousness in society. Natural law will support life every-where, seasons will come in time, individuals will live in perfect health and prosperity will be enjoyed in every hane, village and city. Life its own cultural integrity and will enjoy real freedom and invincibility. This will be the gift of India to the world.

The basis of Maharishi's blessing for the world is the infinite organizing power of pure knowledge, the Veda, which he naturally possesses from his tradition of Vedic masters.

This is a call for every ambitious youth who has faith in modern science and the ancient vedic wisdom of life. Parents who have the highest aspirations for their children should bless them and send them to participate in the programme to develope their full creative potential and adore the society as valuable ideal citizens to either assume administrative responsibilities in the World Government of the Age of Enlightenment in the country or abroad or choose to become industrialists and successfully lead the society in all fields.

The daily routine during the training will be based on the main principles of Veda, Science, Yagya, Yoga, Udyoga and Ayurveda.

Training of the youth in the agricultural, industrial, business, and management skills according to their aptitudes, while developing their intellectual genius and spiritual potential is a great nation-building educational programme which is unique and has arisen to fulfill the need of time.

The training period will be three, five, seven or nine years, depending upon the background of each course participant.

The opportunity is open for everyone regardless of their educational background - M.A., Ph.D. or uneducated. There will be separate categories of instruction on the basis of different levels of education.

Only young men over 16 years of age and in good health should apply.

Those coming should bring their own bedding according to their needs.

Boarding. lodging & tution will be provided free for those who need help. Others will cover their own expenses according to their tastes.

After completion of training, opportunities will be open to the participants, according to their qualifications and achievements during the course, to work in India and abroad on a permanent basis.

Group meditations of 10,000 people will create a concentrated atmosphere of Sattwa and will thereby generate a powerful influence for the whole world consciousness. The world will rise to the glory of Satyam, Shivam, Sundaram.

To make this project comfortable for the participants, the construction of buildings has already started, but tents are being provided in order to begin this program immediately.

This endeavour of establishing a new age will enlighten the personalities of ten thousand people.

A similar opportunity for self-development will also be available for retired people as soon as we have more comfortable facilities.

The powerful influence of Sattwa produced by this project in national consciousness will create much awaited harmony in the country and is expected to greatly influence world peace. It will be a joy for the social scientists to study the changes during this phase transition.


Applicants, with their detailed application, should come to the following address for selection. Last date of admission will be 12th December, 1979.

Dharma Pratishthanam
Department of Development of Consciousness,

B 4/59, Safdarjung Enclave, NEW DELHI-110 018.