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Ananda Marga

Eight acts of self-immolation of young Ananda Margiis, i.e. members of the Ananda Marga movement, have made the public aware of this world-wide movement, headed for a number of years by the imprisoned Sri Ananda Murti, who is now free - on bail - in Patna, India. Concerning the acts of self-immolations we bring the last statement of Didi Asitiima Brci, one of the eight Ananda Margiis.

The body of margiis is kept together first of all by a fanatic loyalty to their lord and master, but this loyalty is made flesh by means of a daily discipline expressed through the 16 points. We first publish a presentation of those points and then a copy of the monthly report which all disciples have to fill in each day, thereby checking his or her strict adherence to the discipline. We do not have this report in its English form and therefore we publish it in the German version, which we have received from one of the former members.