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Ananda Marga in Denmark

In accordance with the wishes of the Indian government that Western governments keep a careful watch on members of the Ananda Marga/Proutist Universal sect in their countries, the intelligence service of the Danish police (PET) has placed the group under surveillance. (Ananda Marga emphasizes religious priorities, whereas Proutist Universal is the political, militant/revolutionary arm of the sect.

In Copenhagen sect members have recently splashed slogans such as “Liberate YourSELF” and “People, Not Profit” on the facades of a number of public buildings, signing themselves with an archaic Danish word (Danefærd) which means “the way of the Danes.”

Three Ananda Marga members recently set fire to the cabin and threatened the pilot of a Soviet Aeroflot plane en route from Moscow to Stockholm where they were apprehended. Their actions were a protest against the Soviet Union’s “persecution” of their sect and close cooperation with the Indian government, an attitude in keeping with the group’s strong stand against all forms of Communism.

A spokesman for the Danish Ananda Marga sect indicates that they have directed their lawyer to file a suit against PET for its actions and insinuations. Says he, “We cannot take responsibility for what each individual member (of our sect) does.”