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Comments on the cults by church leaders

The Archbishop of York:
"There is a very thin dividing line between enthusiastic evangelism and the kind of manipulation which tries to achieve results by whatever means. We'll battle with these groups, but not at their level."

Lord Soper:
"The cults have profited from the materialistic, high pressure and violent society we have become. Many youngsters feel that too much is expected of them, and it is easier to contract out. When people turn from the difficulties of Christianity they may find themselves attracted to this kind of religious fascism, this totalitarianism. After all it is so much easier having your mind made up for you."

The Very Revd. John Gray, former Moderator of the Church of Scotland:

"What puzzles me is why so many reasonable and intelligent young people ... should swallow this pernicious nonsense. Has there been any study as to why this rubbish has gained ascendancy as it has in some peoples' minds?"