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Der Unverbrauchte Gott: Neue Wege der Religiosität

(The Unconsumed God: New Religious Paths), edited by Ingrid Riedel, Scherz Verlag, Bern-München-Wien, 1976, 255 pp.

This compendium of essays opens the way for pro and con discussion about new religions. Section headings are »Stellungnahmen« (taking a position), »Selbstzeugnisse« (personal testimonies), »Berichte« (reports), and »Dokumentation« (documentation). Among the various essays are: »The Wish to be Whole«; »Religion as the Business of Godless Men«; »The Soul Cannot Fly that Fast«; »Initiation--the Mystical Way of Humanity«; and »The Hope of Religion and the Coming Saviors.«