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Guru and Disciple

by Abhishiktananda, Society for the Propagation of Christian Knowledge, Holy Trinity Church, London, 1974, 176 pp.

This volume is composed of two Hindu tracts which tell the story of the Christians’ savior Jesus who, according to the author, is an enlightened Hindu yogi. »A Sage from the East« is the report of a guru whose wisdom and charm, it is argued, demonstrate that Christ appears in many forms--even a »120«-year-old guru. »The Mountain of the Lord« describes two priests who celebrate the Eucharist with Hindu pilgrims about to take their ritual bath in the Ganges. This book illustrates how simple, vacuous Christianity meets simple, vacuous Hinduism, falls in love, marries, and together they live happily ever after. The wedding of East and West is a popular theme among religious persons who like to avoid commitments to one side or the other and among those who believe they can effectively preach from a telephone book. Oddly enough, the marriage is not egalitarian--Hinduism dominates Christianity.