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Guruismens væsen og dens verdens mission

(Guruism’s Nature and its World Mission) by Johannes Aagaard, Dialog og Dokumentation 1, Dialogcentret, Aarhus, Denmark, 1983, 32 pp.

Hindu mission in Denmark--is that possible? Dr. Aagaard’s book asks and answers that question, showing that there is more of a pattern behind Indian-inspired new religious movements than one gets the impression of merely from yoga courses or guru sects. Sections on »Guruism and Hinduism,« »Guruism’s Two Faces,« »Kumbha Melas,« and the »Vishva Hindu Parishad’s Ties With Guruism« give support to the view that Hinduism is mission oriented. The book promises to open the eyes of readers who think that the Church and Christendom are a Danish cultural tradition that cannot be replaced by Eastern religions.