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Human Kind has a Sectarian Mind - Johannes Aagaard

This is a very personal statement, which is meant as a sort of prayer to all friends and co-workers.

We stand in a confrontation with the new occult world-religion, which is unfolding more and more clearly as the gnostic alternative to Classical Christianity. We have to confront the challenge from this new occultism in all its variations, held together as the differences are in a common “spiritual” Lebensanschauung.

In that situation it has become a real problem, that we who operate as Christians in this dialog and in this confrontation find it more and more difficult to understand and interpret one another as loyal colleagues.

If nothing happens we shall end up in a series of in-fighting groups. That, of course, only serves the purpose of the various occult and gnostic groups. Admittedly, they are as sectarian as we are, maybe even more, but that only serves as a bad excuse for our growing sectarianism.

As the president of the Dialog Center International it is my “bounden duty” to make all possible attempts to keep our DCI movement together in spite of all differences. Doing that I should not give in to any sort of compromising. I must and I want to maintain the profile and the policy which I find right and valid. I must try to interpret such a position so that it is made quite clear that I will sail neither in the direction of Scylla nor in the direction of Charbydis, but take the straight course towards our common goal.

I ask all parties to assist us in that sailing, so that we do not misunderstand and misinterpret one another, which is now more the rule than the exception.

Human kind seems to have a sectarian mind... and we cannot exclude ourselves from such a statement. We are right in maintaining our own experiences as valid, but that does not include the right to exclude others who from their experiences have different evaluations of the present ministry of the churches.

I am hopefully not read as a moralist who preaches a “gospel” of compromise. I do not believe in unity for unity´s own sake. I believe in loyality and in preserving an honest mutual critique which tries hard to understand differences as results of different experiences and not as an expression of betrayal of the Gospel.

We need this mutuality more than ever. We are up against a mafia of different occult groups who cooperate in order to plant distrust among us, their critics. We all read and hear the most monstrous defamations about one another. Even the INTERNET is now filled up with such slander and lies, so that anyone can read about us or rather misread about us. We have to stand up to the slander of our enemies. We must, however, be careful not to let such slander influence us in our mutual relations.


Pax et bonum


Johs Aagaard