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Maharishi Comes to Denmark - Morten Aagaard

Now, when more than three million people all over the world are meditating, we are standing at the gate of the Age of Enlightenment. Crime will vanish, accidents will stop, and eternal peace will spread throughout our world.
That was the essential message brought to the Danes by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, founder of Transcendental Meditation (TM), on his visit to Copenhagen the Fourth of July. About 500 energetic disciples (approximately 30,000 Danes practice TM) defied the heat and were crammed together in Falkoner Centret to see and hear their master. Later, some 2,000 meditators celebrated TM’s 25th anniversary with folk dances, violin and flute soloists, and lur (horn) blowers from the King’s Chapel. Altogether, the rendezvous with the yogi was quite dull, some newspapers showing a picture of the silver-bearded Maharishi asleep in his chair during the Silver Anniversary celebration.

--Morten Aagaard