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The New Religious Movements in Britain - Ursula MacKenzie

Since 300 members of the ‘One World Crusade’ left for West Germany last summer, the Unification Church has kept a low profile, concentrating mainly on fundraising. Among their new business enterprises: Happy World Products (toys) and Saello Machinery Ltd. (affiliated with Tongil, one of Moon’s Korean companies). Many of the 126 UC centres have closed down, but CARP, the student branch, is still active on university campuses.

Campus recruiting is also popular with est, Exegesis (which operates under the names ‘The Work Programme’ and ‘The Bristol Project’), and lshvara (led by the perfect master Yarr and headquartered in the south of England).

Eastern groups continue to gain followers, particularly the Rajneesh movement. Their newly established training centre--Medina Rajneesh--offers a programme of workshops as well as other continuous activities.

Members of the Family of Love (formerly Children of God) are preparing to move to South America--which Mo believes is the only place that will not be affected by the atomic bomb he feels is soon to go off--and India. Some relatives are fighting for custody and return of young children taken away by FOL members.

New occult movements are increasing. The EMIN Foundation, a London-based group with 700 members, is also successfully recruiting in Israel and seeking charitable status. We’ve also seen a proliferation of ‘mini-cults’, localised groups with memberships of less than 100. [June 1982, ed.]

--Ursula MacKenzie, Secretary Family Action Information & Rescue