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A pool of information - Johannes Aagaard

The Dialogue Centre in Århus is operating as a centre for exchange of information about the mew religious movements. As the name indicates we are eager to enter into dialogue with the members of the mew religious movements, but experience tells us that this is only possible in confrontation. As soon as one gets to the esoteric traditions which are al­ways the decisive elements of these movements, a confrontation is inevitable. But through such comfrontation an honest and challenging dialogue can come into existence.

In such a dialogue it is very important that we know the facts of the different movements. Only when we know better about such facts than the members themselves can a dialogue develop in a positive way. We therefore look out for all sorts of information, and we hereby ask you - our readers - to assist us in getting all sorts of information. Just put clippings or notes into an envelope and send them to us.

On the other hand we are ready to give you our data, when we are sure that you are genuin in your research. Therefore it is important that you - when you want information - put forward your credentials to us. We are surrounded by strange people who are hiding their real intentions behind strange pretentions!

Let us help one another to get down to the hard facts and om to the correct analyses! Our friends in the mew religious movements operate internationally. We have to do the same, if we are to cope.