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TheoNet.net Gets Going - Johannes Aagaard

A response to Rev. Dn. Dr. Brendan Pelphrey's: I said, your are gods


The special characteristics of TheoNet.net are theological dialog at a deep level. We aim at launching what we call ”Depth Theology” in order to emphasize that ”the Spirit searches everything, even the depths of God!” (the Ephesians 2,10).

In the magazine ”Spirituality in East and West, Update and Dialog” Easter 2000 No. 13, Rev. Dn. Dr. Brendan Pelphrey published the basic theological thesis: I said, you are Gods, Orthodox Christian Theosis and Deification in the New Religious Movements. Dr. Pelphrey served for many years as a professor of The Lutheran Theological Seminary in Hong Kong, and his theological reflexion is formulated on the experiential insights in modern Buddhism. Dr. Pelphrey has now developed his missionary ministry in relation to the Western world as a member of the Orthodox church, in fact a deacon of the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Cathedral in Houston, Texas.


His thesis on ”deification and theosis ” is also communicated on the TheoNet.net and can be found under Missiology.


As a part of this same dialog Kim Sønder contributes a thesis Christ-likeness. It is a response to Dr. Pelphrey, but is also an independent contribution from an evangelical missionary, who preferably relates to Buddhists in Asia. He lives in the Philippines and is as well as Dr. Pelphrey part of the Dialog Academy and the Dialog Center International. He is directly part of the special branch of the Dialog tree, called ABCD, meaning A Buddhist Christian Dialog. His contribution is both found now on the TheoNet.net and will be found in Spirituality in East and West, No. 14, Autumn 2000.


The author of the interesting contribution Mormon Deification compared to Orthodox Christian Theosis, René A. Krywult, is himself a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He does not speak officially for his church. His contribution is important, since it reflects theological insights and reflection, which is necessary for the contemporary theological dialog. He was baptised into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 20 years ago. Prior to that he was a very active Roman Catholic, also involved in the Fokolari-Movement. Since his baptism he has served in several callings, including Ward Mission leader and Elders’ Quorum President. He is married, 4 children. Special interests: Early Church Fathers, Talmud, Protestant and Roman Catholic theology. He has produced apologetic material (never attacking other beliefs, but only answering to anti-mormon attacks or misconceptions) for the last 4 years. He is a software designer by profession.


Michael W. Hickenbotham, the co-author, is also a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and the author of a book entitled Answering Challenging Mormon Questions. He has contributed to articles published by the ”Foundation for Apologetics Information and Research”.


We still welcome other qualified contributions to this essential dialog in ”Depth Theology”.