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Letter to Principals

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Dear Principal,

I am the Director of Dialogue Ireland and have been doing presentations on manipulation of young people for over twenty years now. I am caught in a dilemma which you might be able to help me with? Trying to contact you at school in early September is nearly impossible due to all the challenges you face. However, this is the best term for doing my two period talk for six years. If I phone in May people generally want you to call back in September….
So I am sending an email which hopefully you would not mind reading and getting back to me.

You will find a complete explanation of exactly what we do during our visit to your school, costs etc.

You will also find our Mission Statement and background to our Charitable Trust.

This talk used to be made through the Religion teachers and where I have contacts I still use that conduit. With the changing religious landscape the issue of manipulation through, cults, sects or New  Religious Movements is now much wider than a religious issue. Religions, Churches, Banks, political groups can all be infected with a cultist agenda. So as a result of this I feel it is appropriate to first contact the Principal who has an overall understanding of what is going on in the school.

I have asked some principals and some teachers if they would not mind sharing the importance of the work I do with regard to young people.
In the climate of recession it is often speakers and visitors from outside the campus who need to be cut back. One understands this. However, it is in this time of change that young people are more vulnerable to the kind of influences I attempt to inform them about. We are not about warning, but giving them tools to respond to the challenges cultist movements represent. Below you will find our blog with up to the minute reports on groups attempting to influence our young, also our web site with its Archive of material as a resource for family and friends of those who get involved. They also provide fertile material for teachers to use in class. So I would be grateful if you could consider allowing me to visit your school and serve your six years.

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