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Scientology attracts people with its offer of a free personality/IQ test. After that the pressure is on to buy Dianetics, the group's philosophy text and to sign up for increasingly expensive 'auditing': i.e., intensive counselling sessions which are supposed to clear warped impressions that prevent optimal functioning of mind and body.


About Scientology – information from Inform
Excellent series from the LA Times (reprinted 2006)
The Mary Johnson case (1) (Word document)
The Mary Johnson case (2) (Word document)
Correspondence concerning libellous leaflet from Gerard Ryan from 2000 to the present
The St. Petersburg Times expose on current leader, David Miscavige (June 2009)
Scientology Vs Psychiatry

Audio & Video materials

  Panorama 1987, Panorama 2007 and Panorama 2010

The Big Story


Prime Time episode on Odhran Fortune & The Late Late Show featuring Mary Johnston


Secret Lives piece on L.Ron Hubbard


The Shrinking World of L.Ron Hubbard

  Interviews with John Duignan, Irish ex-Sea Org member
  ABC Nightline on Scientology - October 23rd 2009 and October 24th 2009

Beginner's Guide to L. Ron Hubbard

TV3 Documetary on Ireland's Secret Cults
Foreign pieces:  

French documentary - Is Scientology Above the Law?


Spanish documentary – Undercover


Australia – Today Tonight’s world exclusive on OT3


German documentaries – The Scientology Plan & Missing in Happy Valley

News Articles:

What to get L. Ron Hubbard for his birthday
Could the formation of Anonymous be the support that brings a generation into the battle for freedom of the mind?
Article from Magill (June 2002)
Article from Magill (July 2002)
Scientology Church's €1.1m deficit in Ireland
Scientology's view of mental health
Articles from Irish Independent & The Sunday Times (Sept 2005)
The Cult of Greed and Power – Time magazine’s famous article (Offsite)
Irish Independent - Scientology chiefs make €270,000 from Irish wing (Nov 2009)

External links:

The Scientology website
A collection of pro-Scientology materials
Xenu site - the most comprehensive collection of Scientology material on the internet
Dave Touretzky's excellent site on Scientology’s ‘study technology
Escape - Bonnie Woods' UK site
Anonymous Ireland
Arnaldo Lerma's answer
Gerry Armstrong