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Note that this page is based upon the St. Petersburg Times page which you can access here.

The official announcement and confirmation of the death of L. Ron Hubbard by David Miscavige

Part 1: Miscavige makes official announcement that Hubbard had "discarded the body he used in this lifetime." Part 2: This portion includes remarks from Earle Cooley, a lawyer for the church, who says Hubbard left a bulk of his estate to Scientology. Part 3: This portion includes some remarks about Hubbard by Pat Broeker, who along with his wife, Annie, assisted Hubbard in his last years. They were elevated by Hubbard to the status of "loyal officer" and had custody of Hubbard's last writings, the upper levels of Scientology auditing. Miscavige wanted those writings.

Miscavige in his only television interview,
on ABC's Nightline hosted by Ted Koppel.

Tom Cruise Freedom Medal
of Valor Ceremony

Nightline: (external links)

BBC journalist John Sweeney loses his cool during an interview with a Scientology member.

During filming a documentary, a church spokesman interrupted a Sweeney interview and the reporter exploded, an outburst a Scientology videographer caught on tape. Sweeney apologized and said he looked like an "exploding tomato."

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