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Oh that is the health food shop man who has shops all around Ireland. The general public has no idea of the hermetically sealed world inside the Tony Quinn organisation. Some with long memories to the 70s remember reports of brainwashing and strange happenings in communes where his members lived. Some who did Yoga with him remember bizarre rites reminiscent of Aleister Crowley.Then there were the so-called operations without anesthetic borrowed hook line and sinker from Dr Gibson. Finally Steve Collins is used as an example of the use of hypnosis in the fight against Chris Eubank who was conned and was feeling very sensitive as he had nearly killed another boxer earlier in his career. This was well illustrated in a Channel 4 documentary by Greg Dyke.

Tony Quinn offers courses in yoga, chi massage and holistic medicine at some thirty Centres throughout Ireland. The main emphasis is on positive thinking through which one can gain health, career success and money. This presumably applies to the €18500 fee for Quinn’s two-week human potential seminars in the Bahamas and other exotic sites. These are the so-called Educo Seminars where you are not allowed to allow any negativity to intrude. If you do it is your fault as TQ’s methods are perfect. You fail—your fault. Here allegations are raised about what is called the "Idiot Effect." This is the phenomenon of entrepreneurs losing the plot and direction in life when they pay inflated prices for courses available for a few Euro in a paperback.

Also the ordinary punter is told that their life is worth more than a car. They go into a bank and ask for a car loan and spent the money on the seminar. They usually look for friendly banks that do not ask too many questions. This is not a problem in a country awash with cash. Another tactic is to open 3 or 4 credit card accounts and play Russian roulette to keep the balance in credit. After all you are going to be a millionaire if that is the button they have pushed and repayment will be effortless. If you are more of a spiritual type the button they push an aura of spiritual mystery surrounds the idea that Tony Quinn could be the Christ or if not that then positive energy et al.

They are programmed to think positively and when the positivity does not work they blame themselves while Tony Quinn continues to lodge their money. Then they hide because they feel they are real “idiots,” whereas they are usually the people who are genuine seekers and they risk all, not realising that they have entered into a web of abuse that has gone on for over 30 years. There are people who are wounded, down and depressed, former business people, ordinary folks who have lost their house, their marriages and their minds. Many of these have contacted us when the penny drops or they are the relatives of those who have lost their loved ones over the edge.

The Pavlov test for family members is: You will generally find out that the course costs about €18500. Any normal family goes ballistic and says are you crazy for spending that amount? If they have undergone TQ’s conditioning exercises they will immediately say that they are willing to pay even €40000 for the Educo Seminar. The family must realise they are no longer dealing with the normal person who went into the supermarket to save 50 cent on 2 litres of milk, but rather someone who is under undue influence. The problem is that family members continue to act if the person is normal whereas they are patently conditioned. When you realise you are dealing with this situation back off the money and take advice.

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