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Background to the Moon visit:

Note: I was refused entry to the meeting as a security treat, or perhaps mental threat!

The Unificationists believe that the Fall of humanity was sexual, hence the emphasis on sexual organs in the recovery process. They believe that Jesus WAS failed by his disciples and was crucified. They hate the cross and have organised campaigns to have it removed from churches. They believe that Jesus should have married and borne sinless children. The whole purpose of the UC is to declare that Rev Moon is the Lord of the Second Advent and he is completing the mission that Jesus could not perform because he was crucified. Unificationists believe that their children are sinless. The reality is that the Rev. Moon handed over his ministry to his wife over 10 years ago waiting for his second family to grow up. Most turned out to have major problems with drugs, marriage collapse and suicide. His ministry is a total failure in that he is not living what he preached to others. Now aged 86 he is at the helm again with all types of conferences. Former president Bush and former Taoiseach Albert Reynolds have attended his conferences as speakers. If he does come to a private meeting at the Gresham Hotel tomorrow he will be here for the first time. Below is what I wrote to colleagues in Geneva.

Also I can confirm what I wrote a few weeks ago that here in Dublin there is co-operation between radical Islamists, the Moonies and Scientology. Now they would appear to be strange bedfellows. However here are some areas which might explain things.

For Rev Moon the idea that Christianity is a minority as it was before the conversion of Constantine , or should we say the conversion of Christianity is totally unacceptable. He used the cross as a symbol to conquer rather than Christ taught as a symbol of suffering edemptively. He would see the merging of religion and state power as the high point of Christianity. Under his near fascist concept of Godism there is no place for the principle of the separation of powers. Church and State. He would like to remove that separation. Also the idea that his organisation is about peace fits in with those who claim Islam means peace. This is also the position of those in Islam who would like to impose Sharia. They borrowed this construct from the Byzantine Empire, but it leads to the opressive Taliban state from a Sunni perspective and Iran from a Shia perspective.

I had written the Moonies off, I believe they are weakened, but still acting in a subversive way to undermine our democracies.

Dear Friends,

I have now received confirmation that Rev Moon is coming to Dublin on Friday November 4 and will speak at the Gresham Hotel at 6:30 PM. It is a private meeting under the auspices of the **Interreligious and International Federation for world Peace* * (IIFWP).
**I hope to visit the hotel while the event is on to see the connections that they are making within Irish society. I will send out a fuller documentation tomorrow giving some interesting material. This is a significant visit as the Rev Moon had given up travelling in favour of his wife. He now seems to have taken over things again. This will be his first visit here. There was some possibility that he might go to Britain instead if that opens up. More likely it was meant to put me off the track when I phoned looking for an invitation. I was also informed that Gerard Ryan from the Church of Scientology is now a Moonie peace ambassador. The other possibility which a former member raised with the Minister of Justice is banning the visit in Ireland** She will appear on Live line today **



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