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These materials were previously hosted on the Dialogue Centre International website. They have been preserved here as an informational archive.

Update publication – Volume 1 Issue 1 - January 15th, 1977
The Mantra as an Instrument of Salvation - Carl Gustav Diehl
Unethical Ethics - Johannes Aagaard
A pool of information - Johannes Aagaard
TM Mantras - Johannes Aagaard
Die Macht der süssen Worte - Vagn Folkerman
The Relaxation Response - Peter Maarbjerg
TM-documents - Secret Texts - Vagn Folkerman
Update publication – Volume 1 Issue 2 - July 15th, 1977
R. Kranenborg: Zelfverwerkelijking
Guru and God - Johannes Aagaard
An Answer - Birte Hauge, The Church of Scientology, Denmark
Ethics protection - L. Ron Hubbard
Harassment - Jan Grønborg
The E-meter - Jan Grønborg
Scientology Auditing by Mikkel Pade
Update publication – Volume 1 Issues 3&4 - December 15th, 1977
A Yogic Attitude to Sex - Johannes Aagaard
Krsna Consciousness In The West - R.T. Crowley
The Divine And Sexuality - S.M. Moon
Happy Hookers for Jesus - Lester Wikström
Nyandlight - A new book by L Wikström
Scientology Literature - Jan Grønborg
Update publication – Volume 2 Issue 1 - April 1978
Yogic Meditation And Action - Johannes Aagaard
Update publication – Volume 2 Issue 2 - September 15th, 1978
Much Ado About Nothing? - Ole Riis
Update publication – Volume 3 Issues 1&2 - July 15th, 1979
Ananda Marga
Last Statement of Didi Asitiima Brci - Didi Asitiima Brci
World Improvement and the Ideal Society - Reinhart Hummel
The Children of God - Gottfried Oosterwal
U.S. Court of Appeals Rules Against TM Movement - Spiritual Counterfeits Project
TM and Religion: TM HAS Now Got an Order of Monks! - Johannes Aagaard
Update publication – Volume 3 Issues 3&4 - December 15th, 1979
THE REAL DANGER - Friedrich-Wilhelm Haack
Declaration of Loyalty to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi - Jai Guru Dev
Explanation of the Invocation
The Meaning of Some TM-Mantras - John Woodroffe
Update publication – Volume 4 Issues 1&2 - May 29th, 1980
No ego, no I - a former sanyasin
Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh Sanyasins
A scholarly translation of the TM-ritual - Carl Gustav Diehl
TM moving into industry - Mark Cantillon
Ten thousand youths invited to develop their full creative potential and create an ideal society
The real danger - Suhotra das Brahmacari
Scientology and crime - Johannes Aagaard
Scientology and the law - Peter Jensen, Church of Scientology
An answer to Peter Jensen who did not answer - Johannes Aagaard
What happens when you oppose Scientology? - Johannes Aagaard
A request for treatment - L. Ron Hubbard
Ron Hubbard in Massacre Inn, Southern California - Charles Stafford
A Strange “victory” - Johannes Aagaard
Usury Suspected in “Religious Sect”
Moon-conference Controversy Continues
Moon-sponsored International Student Camp
Moonism - Nothing to Do with Christianity
Comments on the cults by church leaders
Cult-ure shock - Ronald Kotulak
Guruism - a Hindu countermission - Johannes Aagaard
Update publication – Volume 4 Issue 3
Who Is Who In Guruism? - Johannes Aagaard
Update publication – Volume 4 Issue 4 - December 30th, 1980
What Yoga Really Is - Johannes Aagaard
Tantra - Can Sex Be Yoga? - Swami Acyutananda
Tantra - R. T. Crowley
Fictitious Tibet: The Origin and Persistence of Rampaism - Agehananda Bharati
Eckankar: A Classic Study of a NRM - Mark Albrecht
Children of God – Update - Joseph M. Hopkins
We Have Read...
Update publication – Volume 5 Issue 3&4 - December 15th, 1981
Update Interview: Agehananda Bharati - Mark Albrecht; Johannes Aagaard
Gnosticism, Past and Present - Mark Albrecht
The Strange World of Est - John Weldon
Update publication – Volume 6 Issue 1 - March 15th, 1982
Conversion--Under the Microscope and Under the Gun - Neil T. Duddy
INTERVIEW: Lewis R. Rambo
Update publication – Volume 6 Issue 2 - June 14th, 1982
INTERVIEW: Dr. Mose Durst - Neil T. Duddy
Counting the flocks of the earth
The New Religious Movements in Britain - Ursula MacKenzie
Rajneesh Take-Over in Antelope, Oregon - Jens Johansen
Update publication – Volume 6 Issue 4 - December 15th, 1982
Editorial - Neil T. Duddy
Disclosing the Unknown God: Evangelism to the New Religions - David Fetcho
New Japanese Religions - Åsulv Lande
Brazil ’82 - Willem C. van Hattem
Benjamin Creme and Maitreya the Christ - Linda W. Duddy
A New Genre for L. Ron Hubbard
CUT’s Change in Plans
Ananda Marga in Denmark
First Annual World Celebration, 1982--Rajneeshpuram, Oregon
Swami Muktananda Paramahansa: 1909-1982 - Neil T. Duddy
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi--Homeward Bound
New Faces in Antelope’s Town Hall
Interview: Rabbi Yehudah Fine - Neil T. Duddy
Five Karmas, or Anthroposophy in Great Britain - Geoffrey Ahern
Strange Gods: The Great American Cult Scare, by D. G. Bromley and A. D. Shupe, Jr., Beacon Press, Boston, 1982 - Michael D. Langone
A Course in Miracles by Helen Schucman, The Aquarian Conspiracy by Marilyn Ferguson, and The History and Philosophy of the Metaphysical Movements in America by J. Stillson Judah - Neil T. Duddy
Metaphysical Movements - Neil T. Duddy
Update publication – Volume 7 Issue 1 - March 15th, 1983
The Sleeping Prophet--Edgar Cayce
Millennialism and Charisma - Roy Wallis
The Church of the Living Word - Woodrow Nichols
The Occult Metaphysics of John Robert Stevens - Woodrow Nichols
Update publication – Volume 7 Issue 2 - June 14th, 1983
Asiatic Religions in Europe - Dr Reinhart Hummel with Dr. Bert Hardin
A Conversation With the Dalai Lama
Shaktipat in Ganeshpuri
A New Religion
Baha’is in Iran
Ecumenical Support for Reverend Moon
Separate but Equal
Reincarnation and the Early Church - Mark Albrecht
Interview: Ole Nydahl - Rob Nanninga
Gandhi and the Gurus - Johannes Aagaard
Karma Cola: Marketing the Mystic East - Linda W. Duddy
What is a Cult?
Dark Side of the Moonies
Lost Christianity: A Journey of Rediscovery to the Center of Christian Experience - Johannes Aagaard
Update publication – Volume 7 Issue 3 - September 14th, 1983
Guru and Disciple
Tantra in Tibet: Das Geheime Mantra des Tsong-ka-pa (The Secret Mantra of Tsong-ka-pa)
Das Testament des Bösen
Der Unverbrauchte Gott: Neue Wege der Religiosität
Guruismens væsen og dens verdens mission
Christian Ashrams in India
Maharishi Comes to Denmark - Morten Aagaard
New Religious Movements in Ireland - Michael Garde
Update publication – Volume 7 Issue 4 - December 15th, 1983
Sex, Violence, and Religion - Roy Wallis
Worship - Neil T. Duddy
INTERVIEW: George Harrison - Mukunda Goswami
Has ISKCON Two Faces?--A Reply - Goswami das Satsvarupa
Swami Flies over Berlin Wall
A Living God in Disguise - Colin Nelson; Linda W. Duddy
My Ways Are Not Your Ways?
Global »God-ism«
Caution: Mind-Free Zone - John Weldon; Neil T. Duddy
Update publication – Volume 8 Issue 1 - March 15th, 1984
The Cultural and Religious Dimensions of Neo-Hinduism - Stephen Fuchs
Unholy Devotion: Why Cults Lure Christians - Linda W. Duddy
Update publication – Volume 8 Issue 2 - June 14th, 1984
Strategies in the ‘80s of New Religions in Sweden - Lester Wikström
Update publication – Volume 8 Issue 3 - December 15th, 1984
Faith Healing, Christian Science, and the Medical Care of Children - Dr. Rita Swan
A New Typology for Africa’s New Religious Movements - Friday M. Mbon
New Trends in Popular Religion in Nicaragua - Francois Houtart
Update publication – Volume 9 Issue 1 - March 15th, 1985
Adverse Effects of Transcendental Meditation - Dr. Leon S. Otis
Benjamin Creme and Maitreya the Christ - Dr. Reender Kranenborg
A Look into the Manhattan Headquarters of the Process - Richard Kovac
Update publication – Volume 9 Issue 3 - September 14th, 1985
The Baha'i Faith
Guru, Miracle Worker, Religious Founder: Sathya Sai Baba - Dr. Reinhart Hummel
Olumba Olumba Obu and African Traditional Culture - Friday M. Mbon
The Case of the Children of God/Family of Love - Åke V. Ström
Update publication – Volume 10 Issue 2 - June 14h, 1986
Goodbye to Little Red Ridinghood - Dr. Thomas Robbins
Premies Versus Sannyasins - Jan van der Lans; Frans Derks
Radical Departures: Desperate Detours to Growing Up - Roy Wallis
Information Disease: Effects of Covert Induction and Deprogramming - Flo Conway; James H. Siegelman; Carl W. Carmichael; John Coggins
Update publication – Volume 10 Issue 3 - September 14th, 1986
Neil Duddy and The Peculiar Teachings of The Local Church - Johannes Aagaard; Thomas P. O´Connor
Spirituality in East and West – No. 0, 14th July 1991
The Human Desire for Divinization - Rüdiger Hauth
P.O.Box Children of God - Helle Meldgaard
Religious Change and Conversion - Johannes Aagaard
Spirituality in East and West – No. 1, 14th July 1992
Elementary Yoga - Morten Aagaard
Dialog and Apologetics - Johannes Aagaard
10 Guidelines for Sound Dialog between Religions
Maitreya - Christian Szurko
A Piece of Blue Sky - Christian Szurko
Spirituality in East and West – No. 2, 15th February 1993
New Religious Movements in the New Europe - Thomas Gandow
Tomorrow’s Paganism - Michael Fuss
Scientology Goes East - Jon Atack
The “Great White Brotherhood” - Anatoly Skachov
New Religious Movements in Romania - Ernest Valea
Transcendental Meditation in Zambia - Mike Garde
The Files of Jehovah´s Witnesses - Søren Bo Henriksen
The Prophetic Ministry of the Church in View of the New Challenges in Europe - Johannes Aagaard
Spirituality in East and West – No. 3, 15th October 1993
Remarks on Heber Jentzsch and Scientology - Reinhart Hummel
Anonymous and Dialogical Religion - Michael Fuss
Religion and Democracy in a Russian Perspective - Alexander Dvorkin
A Christian encounter with New Religious Movements & New Age - Johannes Aagaard
Strange Bedfellows or Future Enemies? - Massimo Introvigne
Spirituality in East and West – No. 4, 14th May 1994
Traditions of Spiritual Discernment - Michael-Paul Gallagher
Religion and psychosis - Johannes Aagaard
The Armageddon in Kiev: Tragedy or Farce? - Alexander Dvorkin
Kevin Garvey in response to Dr. Introvigne - Kevin Garvey
Linda Blood in response to Dr. Introvigne - Linda Blood
Interesting Times - Massimo Introvigne
Asian Religions in the West: Their Attitude Towards Dialogue and Pluralism - Reinhart Hummel
Spirituality in East and West – No. 5, 15th December 1994
Human Kind has a Sectarian Mind - Johannes Aagaard
Horror - Johannes Aagaard
Religio Occulta in the New Age
The Secret of The Solar Temple - Johannes Aagaard
Heresy or Hope? - Lawrence Osborn
The Main Features of Tantric Thought - Moti Lal Pandit
Christianity and the Popular Cathecism of Marxism-Leninism - Alexander Dvorkin
Spirituality in East and West – No. 6, 15th October 1995
An Apology to the Subscribers and Readers - Johannes Aagaard
"Test the Spirits" - Helge Kjær Nielsen
"The Visions They Prophesy Spring From Their Own Imagination; It Is Not From the Mouth of the Lord" - Knud Jeppesen
"Woe to You Who Long for the Day of the Lord!" - Kirsten Nielsen
Judgment and Responsibility in the New Testament - Johannes Nissen
Heresy or Hope? - Lawrence Osborn
Spirituality in East and West – No. 8, 15th March 1996
Reincarnation or Resurrection? - Johannes Aagaard
Buddha and Christ - Johannes Aagaard
Extreme Blasphemy or "Buddhist" Satanism - Johannes Aagaard
Vipassana - a buddhist form of meditation - Helle Meldgaard
The Erawan Corner - Pekka Hiltunen
Spirituality in East and West – No. 9, 14th October 1996
The Rejection of the Critical Mind - Søren Bo Henriksen
"Amurt Romania" - Gheorghe Samoila
The Unification Church - From Kingdom to Colony - Mike Garde
The Oriental Family of Churches and "The Society of Saint Thomas" - Morten Møbjerg
You Have Seen It Happening: A Future Dominated by Scientology
A Critical Learning Process - Johannes Aagaard
Spirituality in East and West – No. 10, 30th November 1999
Exit Heaven's Gate - Helle Meldgaard
Scientology - a Public Religion, a Mystery Religion, or No Religion at All - Johannes Aagaard
Scientology's Forced Labour and Re-indoctrination Program - Stephen A. Kent
Peace or Armistice or Confrontation - Johannes Aagaard
Misattribution and Social Control in the Children of God - Stephen A. Kent
An Evil Conspiracy - Johannes Aagaard
Spirituality in East and West – No. 11, 30th November 1999
The Time of New Trials - Larisa Oldireva
An indispensable book on Scientology
A Presentation on the Situation in Russia - Alexander Dvorkin
Religious Secrets: A Human Rights Issue? - Christian Szurko
Spirituality in East and West – No. 12, 30th November 1999
Buddhism in its Encounter With Christianity in the Modern World - Johannes Aagaard
666 - Thomas Novotny
Satanism Is No Longer a Harmless Game - Sergei Chapnin
Cosmic Communists - Alexander Dvorkin
Occultism within Classical Religions - Johannes Aagaard
Identity in Conflict - a Review
Ways of Contemplation - a Review - Moti Lal Pandit
Christian Caritas and Buddhist Compassion - the Same Thing? - Tom Thygesen Frederiksen
From the Buddhist Temple to the Christian Church - Cheng Li-chin
Spirituality in East and West – No. 13, 30th November 1999
Exclusiveness and Inclusiveness - Johannes Aagaard
TheoNet.net Gets Going - Johannes Aagaard
Christ-likeness - Kim Sønder
Mormon Deification Compare to Orthodox Christian Theosis - Rene Alexander Krywult; Michael Warne Hickenbotham
The Divine Incarnation in Hinduism and Christianity - Ernest Valea
I said, you are gods - Brendan Pelphrey
Spirituality in East and West – No. 14, 30th November 1999
On the Icon of The Holy Trinity - Soo-Young Kwon
Don't Fear a False Prophet! - Kim Sønder
Foundations for Post-Evangelicalism - Kim Sønder
A short Biography of D. R. McConnell
A Brief Outline of Tantrism - Moti Lal Pandit
Eastern World View - Moti Lal Pandit
An Evaluation of Natha - Moti Lal Pandit
The Paradoxical Man - Moti Lal Pandit
Yoga and Identification - Kim Sønder
Dare to Test the Spirits! - Kim Sønder
Spirituality in East and West – No. 15, 30th November 1999
An-athman as the Consequence of Athman's Deficit - Johannes Aagaard
True Activity and True Passivity - Johannes Aagaard
Idem and Identity - Johannes Aagaard
Church—What is Your Mission Today? - Johannes Aagaard
Negation and Position - Johannes Aagaard
The Relation Between Christian Faith and the Religions - Johannes Aagaard
State Churches, Advantages and Drawbacks - Johannes Aagaard
The Body in Meditation - Johannes Aagaard
The Cosmology Behind Healing Techniques - Johannes Aagaard
The Double Apostolate (Part 1) - Johannes Aagaard
The Jungle of Guruism - a Simple Guide - Johannes Aagaard
Evangelism and the Church at Home - Johannes Aagaard
Totalitarian Cults - A Threat For The Twenty-first Century - Johannes Aagaard
The Trinitarian Mission - Johannes Aagaard
Understanding Religion as Playing a Game - Johannes Aagaard
The Encounter with New Religious Movements and New Age - Johannes Aagaard
Renewing the Missionary Calling - Johannes Aagaard
Spirituality in East and West – No. 16, 15th February 2003
The Serpent Power and the New Adam - Johannes Aagaard
Various publications
Sex, murder and the Bride of Christ - Tom Thygesen Frederiksen
Seven Questions for your Healer
Astrology: Science, Faith or Superstition?
Buddha and Christ
Supreme Master Ching Hai - Louis Hughes
Jehovah's Witnesses
Mormons: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
Moses David: A False Prophet
Seven Theses on the New Age Movement
Reincarnation and the Transmigration of Souls
Occultism/Satanism and the Christian Faith - Johannes Aagaard
Who is Satya Sai Baba? - Louis Hughes
Transcendental Meditation
The Unification Church
The Word of Faith movement
What can We Do?
What is the Dialog Center?