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14th May 2000

Dear Mr. Garde,
Thank you for your recent letters.
I find it illuminating that for quite a few years you, and the so-called Dialogue Ireland group, have refused point blank to engage in any dialogue whatsoever with me (and indeed you requested that I do not send letters to you). Now that the activities of your group are being exposed to a wider audience I suddenly get a flurry of letters from you and a desire to engage in correspondence.

In response to your above mentioned letters I will attempt, for brevity etc, to confine my comments to matters of substance rather than the 'smoke and mirrors' you appear to favour so much.

  1. I am not conducting a so-called 'black propaganda' campaign against you. I am distributing a leaflet that I believe is an accurate rendition of the activities of Dialogue Ireland. Given that you are the 'hired gun' of Dialogue Ireland, you of course get a mention in the leaflet. I note that, to date, not one word of that leaflet has been refuted. Indeed even I have been surprised by the extremely positive response the leaflet has engendered. The number of telephone calls I have received, thanking me for the leaflet, has been quite astonishing. A number of callers have commented on how accurate the leaflet was from their experience of Dialogue Ireland, and I believe that some of them intend to distribute the leaflet themselves.
  2. I find it incredible that you have the sheer brass neck to accuse me, or anyone else, of conducting a so-called 'black propaganda' campaign against you, given your decades long propaganda campaign against minority religions and philosophies in Ireland. Have you no sense of irony at all?
  3. Fr. Sean Fortune was a colleague of yours in the sense that he was a professional colleague of yours, i.e. he too had a visceral antipathy to the newer minority religions. He also used to lecture students on the alleged 'evils' of these religions, just as I believe you do. He attempted to denigrate these religions at every opportunity just as I believe you do and he attempted to 'persuade' members of the newer minority religions that they were deluded, just as you do. I have never suggested that you had the same predilections as the late Fr. Fortune. I presume that you do not, unless I have evidence to the contrary. I regard fellow architects as professional colleagues, this does not mean they are friends of mine (though they may be), merely that we have the same professional concerns.
  4. I have never suggested, to my knowledge, that you have encouraged violence in any way. However, as I have previously explained, according to a Scientologist I know, she was assaulted by her father directly after a phone call from you 'briefing' her father on Scientology. I know this because she telephoned me to warn me that my life was in danger. According to her, her father also threatened to kill me, by name. I found this interesting (and threatening) as, according to her? the father had never heard of my name before. The father had never met me and had never heard of me. And yet he was able to threaten my life by name, following a telephone call from you, according to my source. I do not know what you said to the man, only you, he and my source do for certain. The only certainty was that violence and a threat of murder followed that call, according to my source and this has not been denied by anyone. I find this interesting because as you know an associate of Dialogue Ireland also threatened my life in front of witnesses, indeed in front of you. Your deafening silence in the face of that threat of ultimate violence was most illuminating to me. It was further illuminating that another member of the Dialogue Ireland committee was also present and he was similarly silent in the face of that threat. Whilst you may believe that you do not intend to directly encourage violence, it appears to me that whatever you are saying is actually inciting violence. I know of another family where the father of a Scientologist assaulted a friend of this Scientologist when the friend attempted to defend Scientology. This friend was not even a Scientologist. According to my source, again this followed a 'briefing' on Scientology from yourself.
  5. I mention the behaviour of the so-called Christian Democratic Party (the CDU) in Germany for a number of reasons: a. this group banned Scientologists from membership of their party for alleged wrongdoing. Not a single shred of evidence has ever been produced in Germany to substantiate this allegation. And yet on the contrary the amount of wrongdoing now proven in the CDU is quite enormous. I believe that there are parallels with Dialogue Ireland. DI make allegations of wrongdoing against the newer minority religions in Ireland. No evidence of wrongdoing is produced. And on the contrary the amount of wrongdoing going on in the Churches allegedly supporting Dl is enormous. b. According to Fr. Martin Tierney, the Chair of Dialogue Ireland, DI were co-operating with the German Government. At the time Fr. Tierney told me this. the German Government were the CDU. So there was a clear linkage between Dialogue Ireland and elements within the CDU.
  6. As regards specifics of people who you have helped cause misery to, well you will have to wait on the rest of the leaflets for the evidence of those as I am currently collecting the written statements in this regard.
  7. The reason I mention the criminality of numerous Mennonites, your coreligionists, and the drug cartel they are running (the Mennonite Connection) is that if this were, say, the Mormon Connection, I have no doubt it would be disseminated by you to every tabloid newspaper in Ireland. In addition I believe you would use this in your indoctrination of impressionable schoolchildren. I do not believe that you are a drug runner, at least I hope not.
  8. Your claim that I presuppose that my view is the only view of Scientology that holds water is quite ignorant. Most of my friends are not Scientologists and have the full range of views on my religion. Indeed I recently married an exScientologist who does not have the same views as me on my religion at all. (Thank you for your congratulations on my marriage by the way.)
  9. I do not know that you are putting my correspondence with you up onto the Internet. Your continual threats against me (including your legal threats against me in writing, on the radio, and verbally) are very tiresome indeed.
  10. As I have stated to you, if you document that any part of the leaflets I am issuing are untrue, I will apologise and alter the offending leaflet(s). However I find it interesting that, to date, such documentation or proof of any kind is conspicuous by its absence.
  11. I am glad that you are now accepting that there are some positive aspects of Scientology spiritual technology including Narconon and Criminon (the drug rehab and prison inmate rehab programmes respectively). I say this because you are on record that nothing positive could come from Hubbard as only 'rotten fruit come from a rotten tree' to quote you. Maybe this is evidence that you can actually change your views eventually, given overwhelming evidence and several years to consider it. Are you sharing this new view with the impressionable schoolchildren you indoctrinate?
I hope that at some future time Dialogue Ireland will reform itself. I hope that in the future Dialogue Ireland will actually promote an understanding of the newer minority religions as it currently so falsely claims to do. I hope that in the future Dialogue Ireland will work for a tolerant multi-faith society. I hope that in the future all the religions of Ireland can really dialogue on equal terms, and can co-operate with each other in areas where they share common humanitarian goals. I believe that if Dialogue Ireland reform, that they can contribute to such a situation. I strongly believe that. currently, Dialogue Ireland is doing the opposite.

I hope that my leaflets and the ones to follow will assist in the reform of Dialogue Ireland, as I believe that, potentially, your group has much to offer society.

Yours truly

Gerard Ryan