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28th Feb. 2000

Dear Mr. Garde,

Thank you for your letter (dated 22.2.2000), although filled as it was with your usual sarcasm, it amused.

Along with your usual sarcasm there was also your usual vague claims, your normal unsubstantiated allegations, and your typical innuendo, all blissfully unencumbered by anything like evidence or specifics of any kind. In short the same old story from Dialogue Ireland.

Your claim that I am waging a "black PR" campaign against you is an example of the above. Please send me specifics of any untrue claim I have ever made against you, at any time, and I will apologise profusely. Until then [A phrase involving the words "other foot" and "shoe" comes to mind.]

You claim that I had made "unwarranted criticism" against you. Please send me specifics of this "unwarranted criticism".

In response to your continual highlighting of some bad behaviour of some individual Scientologists (now ex-Scientologists) many years ago, I sometimes mention the fact that your co-religionists (Mennonites) are running a drugs cartel. There is no denying this. I also mention that when you are attacking minority religions you rarely, if ever, refer to the behaviour of your co-religionists or the seeming inability (or incapacity) of your religion to respond to the needs and problems of its parishioners. There is no denying this. However I generally mention that it is hardly your fault that your co-religionists are attempting to destroy society and that the level of dysfunction in Mennonite families is apparently so high.

But I do believe it is hypocritical in the extreme that you point the finger of accusation at any other religion. I also find it flabbergasting that the Catholic church (or elements within it) can support Dialogue Ireland. It simply beggars belief that instead of getting its own house in order it is supporting a group to attack other religions! Just like the hypocrisy of the Christian Democratic Union political party in Germany for example who, totally unjustly, pointed the finger of accusation at my church for years and we now know that they were up to their necks in criminal behaviour all that time. As you must know the head of the CDU, Schauble, has had to resign when he admitted his part in the fraud, which also involves their former leader Helmut Kohl and numerous other leading lights of the CDU] In fact the CDU was involved in the exact crime they were accusing my church of (without any evidence whatsoever). interestingly enough. Hypocrisy tends to rebound, eventually, on the hypocrite.

It has never ceased to amaze me that every group or person who has tried to destroy my church has had something to hide. This is an observable phenomenon.

I have never, ever, at any time lied about you, to my knowledge. I strongly believe in the importance of truth whatever the consequences and I will never lie about you or your religion. Indeed I have heard several interesting rumours about you in the past but I have never spread these rumours because I have no evidence that the rumours are true. I believe that, if the shoe was on the other foot, you would not hesitate for a second to disparage me with unsubstantiated rumour. But then. I believe, that would be par for the course, as when you accused me of being in Grangegorman (St. Brendan's).

For example I have a newspaper interview of you in the Evening Herald some time ago. In this interview you attack my religious convictions and amongst the usual claptrap you claim that my church "targets" "vulnerable" individuals. That was and is an absolute, complete lie. And I believe that you are fully aware that it is a lie. And Dialogue Ireland has continued to repeat that lie. I have access to many other examples of such.

My church proselytises as do the vast majority of other churches. Scientologists make absolutely no distinction whatsoever as to who they proselytise to, except to those people who are under 18 years, those who are criminals or those who are members of destructive organisations such as the CIA etc. I believe you are fully aware of this, but such truth does not suit your agenda.

In your letter you claim to have numerous materials by the late L. Ron Hubbard. If so, then presumably you can send me the exact reference where Hubbard says that it is the policy of the Church of Scientology to "target" the "vulnerable". I'll be waiting.

You claim that Dialogue Ireland are a "constructive and betterment group". Again you give no specifics or evidence of this. As you know I believe that Dialogue Ireland, by its actions, is a completely sectarian and bigoted group. I have access to numerous taped Radio Shows featuring Dialogue Ireland to support my belief (to say nothing of the Dialogue Ireland Newsletters, published media interviews, reports from minority religions, and so on). The amount of misery Dialogue Ireland has caused families that I know of is considerable. The amount of lies disseminated by Dialogue Ireland over the years is considerable. So what "constructive" activity is Dialogue Ireland involved in? What "betterment" activity is Dialogue Ireland involved in? Please send evidence.

Surely it is not the same constructive activity as my co-religionists who have to date helped over 25,000 drug addicts to kick their habit, or who are currently helping to rehabilitate prison inmates in over 900 prisons and all using the research discoveries of Hubbard. Is this the sort of "constructive and betterment group" you were talking about?

What about the millions of schoolchildren who have increased literacy skills due to the application of the research discoveries of Hubbard in the field of study? Is this the sort of "constructive and betterment" you mean?

And is this not the same Hubbard of which you claimed "he was a rotten tree and rotten trees can only bear rotten fruit"?

In my profession as an architect I am extremely busy, to say the least. I had intended to complete a series of leaflets detailing the activities and bogus claims of Dialogue Ireland long before now, but I have only completed the first one. Pressure of time is a significant factor in modern life, I'm afraid. However the other leaflets in the proposed series will be commenced in due course and they will be even more interesting, with 1iberal quotes from Dialogue Ireland's minions illustrating its bigotry, I believe. I have access to a significant database. I appreciate that not everybody will welcome this development.

On numerous occasions I have requested that Dialogue Ireland should stop lying about minority religions, stop spreading propaganda against minority religion and actually engage in real, tolerant, respectful, dialogue with them. I have pleaded that Dialogue Ireland should do as they claim to do i.e. "promote understanding of new religious movements". All my requests and pleadings have fallen on deaf ears and been rebuffed with contempt.

This is hardly surprising, as Dialogue Ireland is effectively, I believe, the religious version of the Immigration Control Platform and that Dialogue Ireland will continue to attack minority religions until those minorities are effectively destroyed. I will oppose such sectarianism with all my being.

Yours truly,

Gerard Ryan